DONALD Trump showed off his dance moves while grooving to YMCA as he walked off stage at a Tuesday night campaign rally in Pennsylvania.

The president's broke into the bizarre dance routine moments after telling his fans in Erie "nobody wants me" and cutting the event short because of the weather.

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Was Trump dancing to YMCA?

President Trump closed out yet another one of his rallies with the famous party anthem on Tuesday during a campaign rally in Erie, Pennsylvania.

Thousands of supporters crammed into the Erie International Airport to listen to Trump's pitch for president just two weeks before voters cast their ballot in the November 3 election.

Moments after abruptly ending his rally due to the weather – a chilly 50F – Trump faced the crowd, raised, then waved his fist to supporters before leaving the stage.

As he walked off, the president danced by awkwardly waving his balled fists back and forth and shimmying from side to side to the tune of YMCA.

Trump pointed to the audience as if to give thanks, then gave a few more fist pumps before making his way to Air Force One.

What happened at Trump's rally in Pennsylvania?

Trump gave what appeared to be a meandering campaign speech, during which he claimed "nobody wants him" and pointed a finger at China and Iran.

He seemingly alluded to the deteriorating relationship between the US and the two countries while claiming that drug companies have doled out a "fortune" to pay for "fake ads" targeting his campaign.

"Really, I can't believe it. You better give me the credit damn it, I tell 'ya. What I've gone through – the drug companies, they're spending a fortune on fake ads," said Trump

"They don't want me, China doesn't want me, Iran doesn't want me …. nobody wants me!" he said as the crowd chanted: "We want you!"

Trump also complained about the cool temperatures and told his supporters he was only there because he's trailing Joe Biden in polls conducted in the key battleground state.

Moments later, he did an about-face, saying: "And in conclusion, we'll make this a little shorter, you know it's about 40 degrees, I don't want to lose anybody," before launching into his dad dance.

What is the YMCA song about?

The 1978 hit by the Village People was written about the Young Men's Christian Association.

The organization that built single-room occupancies in the 19th century to house rural Americans who moved to large cities to find work.

Although the track was initially believed to be a tribute to the organization, it's widely believed that the song alluded to the YMCA's reputation as a popular hook-up spot for gay men at the time.

However, the group's publicist insisted throughout the years that the track wasn't a gay anthem, but instead a reflection of the YMCA's activities.

As a result, the dance phenomena was created with the individual's arms forming the letters of the title track, cementing it a dance floor classic.

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