More than 40 states will start issuing an extra $300 in unemployment benefits starting Monday, according to the Federal Emergency Management Agency. 

The agency will issue the additional $300 dollars to those who qualify, on top of what they are already receiving in weekly benefits. 

Here is more on the unemployment funds.

What are the $300 extra unemployment benefits?

The Federal Emergency Management Agency announced on Friday that more than 40 states would be offering an additional $300 to those receiving unemployment benefits.

The process of payments will begin on Monday, September 7 and it will be additional to the weekly benefits that are already issued to those who are unemployed. 

Who is eligible for the extra benefits?

Anyone receiving unemployment benefits of at least $100 will receive additional federal aid.

According to the Lost Wages Grant, states must also agree to pay the first $100 per week that each person receives in unemployment benefits.

This means that if you do not currently qualify for at least $100 per week under your state's benefits policy, you will not be eligible to receive the extra $300 from the federal government.

How long do the additional benefits last?

The grant program is approved to run until December 27.

The government has set aside $44billion to cover the cost of the benefit but there is no guarantee that the funds will last until the end of the year considering there has been an increase in unemployment applications. 

Some 30 million people are currently receiving unemployment benefits and 1.4 million filed for unemployment in July due to the coronavirus pandemic. 

What happened to the new round of stimulus checks?

President Trump claimed on Friday that the government has set aside "$300billion in an account” to create a new round of stimulus checks but that the Democrats are “blocking the cash.”

The president said that the money is "ready to go" during a press briefing at the White House.

"We have $300billion ready to go, all Congress has to do is say, 'Use it.' I'd like to use it without their permission but I guess I'm not allowed," Trump said.

"We're willing to spend it, I'd like to get approval from Congress. There's a theory that I don't have to do that, but I'd rather be upfront and I'd like to get approval from Congress."

Congress may strike a deal on when the checks will be mailed out after they return from their summer recess on September 8.

They had adjourned for summer break at the beginning of August without reaching an agreement.

What states have yet to approve the extra $300 in federal aid?

The remaining states that have yet to approve the additional unemployment funds are:

  • Kansas
  • Nebraska
  • Nevada
  • New Jersey
  • South Dakota

When would Americans receive the new round of stimulus checks?

If the Senate passes a new relief bill on September 11, the House passes it on September 16, and the president signs it on September 17, the first checks for $1,200 could possibly be distributed on the week of September 28.

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