VICE President Joe Biden lives in Delaware with his wife Jill Biden. 

He has purchased several homes with his earnings while in public office and they are now worth millions. 

Where does Joe Biden live with his wife Jill? 

Joe Biden, 77, lives with Jill Biden in Greenville, Delaware, in the Wilmington suburb. 

The two purchased the property in 1996 for $350,000 and the home is now worth nearly $1million.

During his 36 years as a senator, Biden commuted from Delaware to the nation’s capital on an Amtrak train 90 minutes each way. 

Biden claimed in his autobiography, Promises to Keep, that he always had an affinity for real estate saying: “Even as a kid in high school I'd been seduced by real estate."

Has he always lived there? 

Biden used to live in another home, also in Greenville, after his late wife, Neilia Biden, passed. 

He purchased the mansion in 1974 and lived there for a few years but sold it nearly two decades later for $1.2million. 

The property he purchased with Jill has been his home since 1996. 

What is Joe Biden’s hometown? 

Biden was born in Scranton, Pennsylvania but due to his father’s financial crisis his family relocated to a small apartment in Claymont, Delaware.

They eventually moved into a home in Wilmington, Delaware in a middle-class suburb. 

Due to his humble beginnings, his colleagues referred to him as “Middle Class Joe” while running for office.

He has called himself “one of the poorest members of Congress” as he recounted the story of growing up with a father who experienced several financial hardships.

Does he own other houses?

Biden has been criticized by President Trump and the media for owning a couple homes in Delaware. 

Currently, the vice president owns two mansions in his home state — a beach property Cape Henlopen State Park and the home in Wilmington.

Both homes combined are worth millions of dollars.

According to records, Biden still owes a mortgage on the Wilmington residence of $540,000.

It is unclear how much the property is worth now or if he has purchased any other.

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