NETFLIX's revamp of popular 1980s series is set to hit screens once more on October 19.

Season two will feature the case of Jack Wheeler, but who was his wife and did he have children? Here's all you need to know.

Who is Jack Wheeler's wife?

Katherine Klyce was Jack Wheeler's second wife and the last time she saw him was on Boxing Day 2010 as she waved him off to Washington for a work trip.

At first, she didn't think anything of it when she hadn't heard from her husband, when he didn't come back on New Year's Eve for a wedding he was due at, she began to panic.

After she had returned to their New York home she received a phone call – John Wheeler was dead.

His body was found at the Cherry Island Landfill in Wilmington, Delaware.

The case is explored as part of season two of Netflix's Unsolved Mysteries.

In 2011, Katherine spoke to Slate about her frustration over the case.

"[The investigators] have been so bad. They've made my life so miserable," she said.

"They treated us like criminals, all of us."

She said that cops confiscated credit cards, financial records and Wheeler's computer.

Did Jack Wheeler have children?

Mr Wheeler had twins from his first marriage – John Parsons Wheeler and Katherine Marie Wheeler.

He also has two stepdaughters from Katherine Klyce – Byrd Schas Chaskes and Meriwether Klyce Schas.

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