TREVALINE EVANS disappeared in 1990, prompting a large police search that was ultimately unsuccessful.

Here, we look at Trevaline's husband Richard, who was never able to find out the truth regarding his wife's disappearance.

Who was Richard Evans?

Richard Evans was the husband of Trevaline Evans, who disappeared on June 16, 1990 in Llangollen, Wales.

At the time of disappearance, he was renovating a house that he and his wife had intended to move into when they retired.

Her bank accounts have not been used since and despite the case being treated as a murder enquiry and many hours of police investigation, she has never been located.

Where was Richard when Trevaline disappeared?

Richard was away from home at the time, renovating their holiday bungalow in Rhuddlan, approximately 40 miles away.


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Trevaline had spent a few days there herself but had returned on June 13, 1990 in order to open the shop.

On the evening of June 16, 1990, Evans tried in vain to contact his wife by telephone at their home and after having received no reply on several occasions.

He rang a family friend and neighbour to ask them to call by the house and see if everything was alright.

When the friend called back and told Richard that Trevaline was not at home, he became very worried and asked if the search could be extended to Attic Antiques.

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After the person said they couldn't find Travaline in the shop, the police were contacted.

What happened to Richard Evans?

Police reopened the case in 2001, eleven years after Trevaline's initial disappearance.

The reason for this was that forensic science had advanced to a point that they believed they would be able to solve the case.

At that time Mr Evans was arrested by police, interviewed and released without charge.

Evans passed away in 2014 at the age of 83, with the disappearance of his wife unsolved.

Trevaline's brother Len Davies said: “Richard has passed away not knowing what has happened to his wife.”

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