Long-suffering wife announces divorce amid claims Boris Johnson caught cheating

Boris and the blonde Tory aide! Long-suffering wife announces divorce amid claims the womanising MP was caught cheating at the height of the Chequers crisis

  • Boris Johnson’s daughter Lara, 25, had branded him a ‘selfish b******’
  • The 54-year-old womaniser said to have been juggling Brexit with secret trysts
  • Sources said the marital crisis with wife Marina Wheeler erupted in July
  • Mr Johnson refused to comment when he left his country home in Oxfordshire

Boris Johnson was cheating on his wife at the height of the Chequers crisis, it was claimed last night.

The 54-year-old womaniser is said to have been juggling Brexit with secret trysts with a blonde Tory party aide.

His long-suffering wife Marina Wheeler has finally had enough and the couple announced yesterday they would divorce. 

Their daughter Lara, 25, reportedly branded him a ‘selfish b******’ and said her mother would not take him back as in the past.

Boris Johnson, when he was mayor of London with wife Marina at the GQ Men of the Year Awards

Sources said the marital crisis erupted in early July, around the time Mr Johnson sparked chaos by quitting as foreign secretary over Theresa May’s Chequers plan.

One source claimed Mr Johnson had dumped a lover to take up the blonde Tory aide. Another said he was involved with only one woman.

The aide was described as a young, vivacious and stunning blonde who regularly posts glamorous photos of herself online. 

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But she took down her Instagram account yesterday and messages to her seeking comment went unanswered. She lives with her mother, who would not open the door yesterday.

Mr Johnson, who has had at least four extramarital affairs and made at least two of his mistresses pregnant, refused to comment when he left his country home in Oxfordshire.

Boris Johnson’s daughter Lara Johnson-Wheeler branded him a a ‘selfish b******’ and said her mother would not take him back as in the past

Minutes later he and Miss Wheeler announced their marriage was over. In a joint statement they said: ‘Several months ago, after 25 years of marriage, we decided it was in our best interests to separate.

‘We have subsequently agreed to divorce and that process is under way. As friends we will continue to support our four children in the years ahead. We will not be commenting further.’

In other developments:

  • A poll for the Mail suggested Mr Johnson’s divorce could make it harder for the Conservatives to win the next election;
  • It found that 30 per cent of all voters would be less likely to vote Tory if he was leader – against 21 per cent who said more likely;
  • The MP’s friends denied claims he leaked the news of the marriage split to ‘clear the decks’ before any leadership bid;
  • Mr Johnson’s biographer claimed the MP once offered him £100,000 to abandon the book he was writing.

Miss Wheeler, 54, a Cambridge-educated QC and the daughter of veteran BBC correspondent Sir Charles Wheeler, has been getting their assets professionally valued in recent weeks, a source said. 

She has put up with her husband’s infidelity for years. In 2004, he admitted having an affair with the writer Petronella Wyatt who had an abortion.

He had initially denied the fling but was sacked from the shadow cabinet for lying. In 2009, he was thrown out of the marital home again for fathering a lovechild with arts consultant Helen Macintyre.

Boris Johnson seen leaving his Oxfordshire home this morning, it has been reported that his marriage is over

Both times Miss Wheeler – mother to their four older children Lara, Milo Arthur, 23, Cassia Peaches, 21, and Theodore Apollo, 19 – took him back.

Fashion journalist Lara was reportedly overheard exploding with rage at her father, telling friends at a party he ‘is a selfish b******’.

The Sun newspaper quoted her as saying: ‘Mum is finished with him. She will never take him back now.’

A former aide to Mr Johnson said: ‘Marina is in the driving seat on this. She is being firm. No going back this time.’

They couple are thought to have been living apart for some time.

The announcement of the break-up came amid signs that Mr Johnson was poised to make a pitch for No 10.

Boris Johnson when he was Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs out jogging around St James Park in February last year

 There was no attempt by him to scotch the story as the news spread like wildfire on social media.

Allies of the MP said Miss Wheeler had initiated divorce proceedings and that these would shortly become public.

They said the couple had been considering announcing the end of their marriage on Monday, before the news leaked.

A friend said: ‘They were fine last Christmas but there’s been strain since then. I don’t think being in the Foreign Office helped – all that travel. Marina wasn’t at their daughter Cassia’s birthday party this week. In fact, she has not been evident for a while.

‘She’s been writing a book and that probably hasn’t helped either because she is no longer doing as many cases as a barrister. And yet I know they will always be incredibly close. He doesn’t do anything politically without consulting her. She’s highly intelligent and very pro-Brexit.’

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Another friend said: ‘He hates the children knowing this stuff but there’s no getting around the fact that his living arrangements have changed.

‘It’s all very painful to watch.’

Despite the family upheaval, Mr Johnson took his four children – but not his wife – to his father Stanley’s holiday villa on Greece’s Pelion peninsula last week.

He was photographed by locals relaxing with one of the children in a taverna and at the airport with Milo.

It was rumoured earlier this year that Mr Johnson had taken to the habit of giving his police protection officers the slip for illicit liaisons. His spokesman declined to comment last night.

Bumbling Bojo, the unlikely ladies’ man: Ex mistress Petronella Wyatt reveals how the MP once grumbled it was ‘unreasonable that men should be confined to one woman’

Famously dishevelled and with a bumbling persona, Boris Johnson might not seem like the archetypal ladies’ man. 

So how, it is often wondered, has he managed to have quite such a colourful love life? And why has Mr Johnson repeatedly been unfaithful?

A rare insight into these matters came from his former mistress Petronella Wyatt, now 50, who fell for his charms while she was Mr Johnson’s deputy when he was editor of The Spectator magazine.

Boris Johnson and Petronella Wyatt now 50, who fell for his charms while she was Mr Johnson’s deputy when he was editor of The Spectator magazine

Following their four-year affair, she told how he once ‘grumbled’ to her: ‘I find it genuinely unreasonable that men should be confined to one woman.’

Miss Wyatt attributed this in part to Mr Johnson being ‘inordinately proud of his Turkish ancestry’, and said his ‘views on matters such as monogamy are decidedly Eastern’. 

She had an abortion and suffered a miscarriage as a result of the relationship – which cost Mr Johnson his job after his claims that reports of his infidelity were ‘an inverted pyramid of piffle’ proved to be a lie.

He was forced to quit as shadow arts minister and party vice-chairman in 2004 by then-Tory leader Michael Howard for failing to tell the whole truth about the affair. Mr Howard’s officials said the issue was one of ‘personal morality’.

Boris Johnson and Allegra Mostyn-Owen celebrate in 1987 after his final Oxford exams

 Mr Johnson’s barrister wife Marina Wheeler – they had married in 1993 – threw him out of their home in Islington, North London, but later took him back.

In 2016, Miss Wyatt, whose late father, Lord Woodrow Wyatt, was one of Margaret Thatcher’s confidants, also said that Mr Johnson had told her he was ‘a bit of a loner’ with few friends.

‘Like many loners, he has a compensating need to be liked,’ she wrote in The Mail on Sunday. ‘There is an element of Boris that wants to be Prime Minister because the love of his family and Tory voters is not enough. He wants to be loved by the entire world.’

She described her relationship with Mr Johnson as their ‘amitie amoureuse’, or ‘amorous friendship’ – and said he was devastated by his parents’ divorce because his father Stanley promised he would never leave Boris’s mother Charlotte.

The following year he fathered a love child with art consultant Helen Macintyre (pictured) who worked for him in an unpaid capacity

 ‘Boris never sets out to lie. It is just that he will do anything to avoid an argument, which leads to a degree of duplicity,’ Miss Wyatt said.

She also noted that ‘he is the contrary of vain’, adding: ‘Boris regards himself as rather ugly, requiring “half an hour to talk away my face”.’ 

In 2006 The News of the World reported that Mr Johnson had also had an affair with journalist Anna Fazackerley, then 29.

Mr Johnson, then 41, reportedly met her in his new job as Tory higher education minister. 

A source said: ‘Anna is really, really gorgeous – every thinking man’s pin-up. Boris finds her irresistible.’ Mr Johnson had married his first wife, Allegra Mostyn-Owen, his university sweetheart, in 1987.

Allegra Mostyn-OwenAllegra out and about, London, Britain in May 2008 . She was the first wife of Boris Johnson

 They divorced after he had an affair with his current wife Miss Wheeler. After the fallout from his affair with Miss Wyatt, Mr Johnson ran successfully for London Mayor in 2008.

But the following year he fathered a love child with art consultant Helen Macintyre, then 39, who worked for him in an unpaid capacity. 

There were reports that his wife threw him out of his family home again – ‘like a tomcat’ – when that affair was revealed.

When the scandal broke a source close to Mr Johnson said: ‘Is Boris the father of this child? It’s quite likely he hasn’t the faintest idea.’

In a significant victory for Press freedom, a High Court judge said in 2012 that the Daily Mail was justified in publishing stories about the child.

This was because the politician’s ‘recklessness’ in conducting extramarital affairs, resulting in the conception of a child on two occasions, called into question his fitness for public office.

A friend once said that Miss Wheeler tolerated Mr Johnson’s philandering because she viewed it as a ‘childish side of his personality which one day he’ll grow out of’.

But he hasn’t, her tolerance has run out – and now they are divorcing after 25 years of marriage.

Now a fight over their luxury homes

A battle over their £3million property portfolio is looming for Boris Johnson and Marina Wheeler.

A source claimed yesterday that Miss Wheeler, who is a senior human rights lawyer and qualified as a QC in 2016, has had their houses professionally valued.

They include a townhouse in Islington, north London, for which they paid £2,300,000 in May 2009.

They are joint owners according to the Land Registry and have a mortgage with Barclays. 

The couple also own a four-bedroom detached house in Oxfordshire. They bought the country retreat for £640,000 in February 2003

Property website Zoopla estimates the average price of houses in the street is £2,288,677.

But values are falling at their fastest pace in six years due to subdued demand, according to recent figures from the Nationwide building society.

The couple also own a four-bedroom detached house in Oxfordshire. They bought the country retreat for £640,000 in February 2003 and, again, are jointly listed as its owners. On this property, they have a mortgage with Lloyds.

But this may have proved to be a better investment than their London home because Zoopla estimates its value at £1,156,000. They are also rumoured to have a house in Kent. 

The townhouse in Islington, north London, for which they paid £2,300,000 in May 2009

As MP for Uxbridge and South Ruislip, Mr Johnson receives a basic annual salary of £77,379.

He is also a prolific author whose titles include The Churchill Factor: How One Man Made History.

And he has returned to his weekly column in the Daily Telegraph, which earnt him £266,667 in 2015.

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