Thank goodness for Will Smith’s second (third?) career as a vlogger. In just four months, it’s given us content like Smith’s awkward date with Sophia the Robot — and now, the story of two icons meeting in “a dirty ass utility closet.”

Smith’s latest YouTube offering is the story of the first and only time he ever met his idol, Michael Jackson. The event took place at the BET Awards (it’s unclear which year), where Smith spotted MJ across the room a few times but couldn’t find a clear path to approach him. Just when he thought he’d found his opening, the crowd erupted into a panic because of a disruption caused by Death Row Records CEO Suge Knight (“He’s still in jail, right?” Smith interrupts himself. “Make sure Suge’s still in jail if I’mma tell this story.”).

Smith’s security pushed him into a closet to wait out the commotion — and who else should be inside but the King of Pop himself. Smith describes their back-and-forth by doing a pretty great Michael Jackson impression; Jackson shared his opinion on the Suge situation (“All that success and he can’t figure out how to be happy”) and tried to trade comic books with Smith (“I don’t know nothing about no comic books, but I’m here with Michael Jackson, I ain’t gonna tell him that.”)

Finally, Jackson’s security arrived and “shoved me out the way like he never saw the Fresh Prince,” Smith says. Though Jackson had said “See you around,” the pair never met again. Luckily, Smith has a photo of the two of them together to commemorate the occasion.

Hear Smith tell the story himself in the clip above.

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