Tottenham MP David Lammy revealed today a Home Office letter from a constituent that said he was "liable for removal".

Ministers yesterday promised to fast-track passports and British citizenship for Windrush immigrants caught up in the scandal.

Under-fire Amber Rudd also promised to compensate some of those who have lost benefits, access to healthcare and even their homes as a result of the chaos at the Home Office.

Thousands of people who came to Britain to work after World War Two with their parents have faced deportation threats and been unable to prove they are in the UK genuinely.

Last week the Government issued a grovelling apology after it emerged Windrush immigrants were being threatened with deportation because of a 2014 bill to weed out illegal migrants.

The crackdown meant Commonwealth citizens who never took up the offer of a British passport before 1973 were having to prove how long they had lived here.

Heart-breaking cases that emerged in recent weeks included a man who had to miss his mother's funeral after being refused entry to Britain, another who was refused NHS treatment and more who have lost their homes, benefits and jobs because of the chaos.

One Windrush mum said she thinks the stress of trying to prove he was in Britain legally had contributed to his death last year.

Today Mr Lammy revealed the new case of a constituent who came to Britain ages six, and had a National Insurance card from 1974 and NHS documents from 1964.

The Home Office letter said: "You are a person with no leave to enter or remain in the United Kingdom.

"You have not given any reasons why you should be granted leave to remain or why you should not require leave to remain. Therefore you are liable for removal."

It added: "You are specifically considered a person who has been unable to show evidence of lawful entry because you cannot produce the passport on which you claim to have entered the UK."

Many kids travelled to Britain on their parents' passports, and last week is was revealed that thousands of landing card documents were destroyed by the Home Office in 2010.

Mr Lammy stormed: "You must sort this today. Why is my constituent being treated like an illegal immigrant despite providing documentation from 1964? This is an outrageous miscarriage of justice. Grant him his citizenship and passport."

And he claimed to have received six calls about Windrush cases from his constituents just this morning alone.

"Each individual case is a shocking indictment of this government and heartbreakingly sad. The scale of this crisis is unfathomable."

The Home Office has been approached for comment.


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