Winter has finally decided to rear its ugly head.

New Yorkers will need to break out their snow boots this weekend — and an umbrella, too — as a messy wintry mix rolls into the region.

It won’t get any warmer than 32 degrees for the rest of the day Friday — and overnight temperatures will plunge to 21 degrees in the city and the teens in the suburbs, according to Accuweather senior meteorologist John Gresiak.

But the bitter conditions are just the “calm before the storm” that will unfold Saturday, Gresiak said.

Snow is expected to start falling in the city by midday — and as evening approaches, the precipitation will begin to mix with sleet and rain, the forecaster said.

A total of 1 to 3 inches of snow is expected to blanket the city by the end of the storm, which is projected to last around 12 hours, tapering off a little after midnight, according to Gresiak.

The Hudson Valley and northern New Jersey could get hit harder, with 3 to 6 inches.

“It’s gonna be a fairly steady snowfall once it gets going,” Gresiak said. “Initially, it’s going to be light and fluffy. As the temperature rises, it’s going to get wetter and heavier.”

The roads might get a bit sloppy as the storm progresses, he added.

“[During the] mid-afternoon into nighttime hours, travel will certainly not be ideal,” Gresiak said. “I wouldn’t say it’s going to shut everything down necessarily, but roads will be slippery.”

Temperatures are expected to slightly surpass the freezing point Saturday, with a high of 37 degrees. And the wind — at 10 to 15 mph — won’t be much of a factor.

Gusty winds will return on Sunday — though the snow will not, Gresiak said.

While temperatures could rise as high as 39 degrees, winds gusting up to 30 miles an hour could make it feel as chilly as 26.

The wintry weather will be a far cry from last weekend — when New Yorkers basked in temperatures that tipped up into the high 60s.

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