A Chicago woman called 911 twice when her ex-husband showed up at her home — and no one picked up.

Denise Conroy said she made the calls Thursday, expecting to hear “Chicago emergency” on the other end of the line — but instead the phone just kept ringing as she grew concerned she might need “police intervention” when her ex showed up.

She said she made the calls 15 minutes apart.

“It enraged me,” she told CBS TV in Chicago. “I’m concerned for the next woman who thinks, ‘Oh I can call, they’ll help me,’ and they don’t answer.”

Conroy, an advocate for domestic violence victims, said she handled the situation herself without incident — but wasn’t letting it go.

“It’s unacceptable,” she fumed.

A representative for the Chicago Office of Emergency Management and Communications told the station there was a high volume of call traffic when Conroy called for help, and said they would’ve answered if she stayed on the line.

Second City cops do have more than their share of 911 calls in one of the nation’s most dangerous cities — last weekend alone, 59 people were shot, seven fatally.

But because she hung up, police said cops were never sent to help Conroy and there is no record of her call.

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