The impact of the weather and money worries also appear top of the poll.


Others declared that checking social media and 'group chat' is their number one priority in the morning.

The research found that Brits are stirred from their sleep ahead of the alarm by work woes at least twice a week.

Despite being a nation of early risers, getting out of bed at an average time of 6.16am on a workday, it will take 29 minutes before people feel fully awake, alert and ready to start the day.

The average adult also takes 62 minutes to get ready in the morning, from the second they wake up to the moment they step out the door, according to the study.

As a result, 36 per cent spend more than half of the working week feeling rushed and pressured for time.

And 58 per cent feel “overwhelmed” with the number of tasks on their to-do list when contemplating the day ahead.

Worryingly, two in five of the 2,000 surveyed feel they do not take care of themselves in the morning – skipping breakfast and exercise, and forgetting to take their vitamins.

A spokesperson for The New York Bakery Co, which commissioned the study, said: “Mornings can be a hectic time, especially with pressures hitting us first thing, such as getting the kids ready for school or making it to work on time.

“It seems many of us leave just enough time to get the morning essentials done, while neglecting what we see as luxuries, like making time for breakfast or a quick session at the gym ahead of the work day.”

Breakfast is also the most neglected meal of the day, with seven in 10 Brits dedicating more care to lunch and dinner.

In fact, on average about 11 minutes each day will be dedicated to breakfast.

And more than one in 10 confessed they don’t have time for breakfast AT ALL due to the daily rat race.

Many of the UK’s workforce are forced to eat their first meal of the day ‘on-the-go’, utilising their morning commute, or while at their desk.

Breakfast options lacking in excitement were on the menu for most, with a third quickly scoffing a bowl of cereal and one in eight opting for a slice of buttered toast.

But due to time constraints Brits will skip breakfast once a week in order to fit everything into our busy morning schedules.

The New York Bakery Co commissioned the survey ahead of a pop-up two-day opening in Shoreditch, London over the Bank Holiday next weekend when it will be giving away free breakfast bagels to encourage families and friends to "encourage Brits to slow down and think differently around breakfast".

The top 10 things Brits wake-up thinking about

1. The weather

2. A task at work

3. Your health

4. A household chore

5. What's happening on social media

6. The manic school rush

7. Morning commute

8. Can I get away with not washing my hair?'

9. Outfit choice for the day

10. Family troubles

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