Incredible BBC archive footage reveals what young Australians REALLY thought of Brits before sailing to the ‘mother country’ in the 1960s

A classic BBC clip of young Australians sharing their unfiltered thoughts about England in 1961 has gone viral on social media.

BBC journalist Alan Whicker interviewed the wide-eyed Aussies as they prepared to set sail from Melbourne to Essex, and one woman in particular has become a hit on Twitter for her brutal honesty.

When asked for her opinion on English people, the blonde said she’d heard they were ‘very staid’.

BBC archive footage of young Australians preparing to sail from Melbourne to Essex in 1961 has gone viral on social media. One woman (pictured) admitted she was tired of being ‘rough-handled’ by Aussie men and wanted to meet some European gentleman

‘The full British gentleman with a thin veneer of drawing-room manners still,’ she explained.

However, the remark wasn’t exactly a compliment, with the woman admitting she wouldn’t ‘particularly enjoy’ that kind of man. 

When asked for her thoughts on English women, the outspoken blonde didn’t hold back.

‘They are very suety,’ she sniffed. ‘Dumpy. Dumpy women. Plump, uninteresting.’

She went on to say she expected England to be ‘very misty’ and filled with fog, and that there was nothing she wanted to see there.

‘They are very suety,’ the young Aussie sniffed when asked about English women. ‘Dumpy. Dumpy women. Plump, uninteresting’

Shocked by her admission, Whicker asked: ‘If there’s such unrelieved gloom and the people are so boring and tedious, why are you going?’

The woman explained that England was simply a starting-off point for her travels, and she was excited to meet some European men on the continent.

‘Oh, suave, suave sophisticated men!’ she gushed.

‘I’m sick of being rough-handled out here [in Australia]. You want something to make a woman feel like a woman. I find it necessary.’

The mystery blonde has gone viral on social media for her brutal honesty, with many Twitter users demanding a follow-up to her story

When Whicker asked if she could find what she was looking for from Englishmen, the woman fired back: ‘No. Englishmen to my mind are very neuter.’

Her brazen honesty has won her a legion of fans on Twitter, with one tweeting: ‘The second woman is just exquisite!’

Another wrote: ‘I hope she found her suave French/Italian/German gentleman.’

Some of the other people Whicker interviewed in the clip were less scathing, with one young woman saying she was excited to see England’s ‘Tudorian homes’.

Another gentleman expected a ‘homely’ atmosphere with people ‘sitting by the fire eating crumpets’.

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