Great news, Just Shoot Me fans (I KNOW YOU’RE OUT THERE), David Spade is stepping in as host of Bachelor in Paradise Season 7. Which is…kind of a weird choice? But frankly makes a lot of sense given that he’s a Bachelor Nation superfan. David is co-hosting the show along with Lil Jon, Titus Burgess, and Lance Bass, and you might be casually wondering and/or desperately curious about what he’s getting paid for the gig. TBD, but we have some compelling theories. And either way, David is already shockingly rich thanks to working as a comedian for literal decades, so something tells us he’s hosting Bachelor in Paradise simply because he loves trolling the franchise. Here he is lovingly mocking it alllll the way back in 2015:

And in 2019:

Truly, the man is obsessed. On that note, time to dive into David Spade’s net worth and his Bachelor in Paradise paycheck!

What We Know About David Spade’s ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ Salary

ABC hasn’t exactly been transparent about how much David, Lil Jon, Titus, or Lance are getting paid to step in as hosts—but we do have enough evidence to make an educated guess. And I’m thinking they’re each making about $500k (maybe slightly more?) for the season. Here’s how I got there:

So! Keeping in mind all these FACTS, I’m going with the aforementioned estimate of $500k. If this is accurate, ABC would be paying all four hosts ~$2 million for the season—which is in the ballpark of what they paid Chris. Makes sense, right?

David’s Current Net Worth Is Very, Very High!

David Spade has a net worth of $60 million according to Celebrity Net Worth, and earned the vast majority of his money through TV and film, not to mention his massive real estate portfolio. On top of Just Shoot Me (which aired from 1997-2003), he did voice work for Beavis and Butthead, and had a starring role on Rules of Engagement—which he got $150,000 an episode for. (Side note: If David got $150k just for one episode of Rules, you better believe he’s earning more for BiP.)

Meanwhile, David’s made a ton of super smart real estate investments which have increased his net worth by millions. Ahem, let’s see: In 2013, he sold a Malibu house for $10.3 million, he owns a $2.3 million home in West Hollywood that he bought in 2020, and he has a gorgeous home in Beverly Hills which is now worth five times what he originally paid for it (legit, he bought it for $4 million and now it’s worth $20 million).

Take a look inside his house below (please note the random tree), and don’t forget Bachelor in Paradise is dropping on August 16!

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