Geoffrey Paschel Sells His Sperm: I Want $10K! I’ll Never Pay Child Support!

90 Day Fiance has employed some unsavory stars over the years.

But the rest of the colorful cast pales in comparison to widely reviled Geoffrey Paschel.

His lengthy criminal history, involving accusations of brutal domestic violence, got him fired from the franchise.

Now desperate for cash, Geoffrey has found a way to raise funds that’s gross in more ways than one.

Why is Geoffrey hard up for money?

After all, he has worked for years as a crime reenactor for various true crime TV shows.

It’s no wonder that he’s good at it, given his decades of very real criminal activity.

Geoffrey is facing multiple legal battles, one of which is the criminal trial over the horrific assault of his ex-girlfriend in June of 2019.

As such, he recently told Domenick Nati in an interview, he finds himself wanting extra money.

And he hopes to be able to convince some 90 Day Fiance fans — ones he already managed to trick into ignoring the charges against him — into funding him.

On the Domenick Nati Show, Geoffrey revealed his scheme: to sell his sperm.

He announced his plan to offer his sperm, with certain conditions, for the low-low price of $10,000.

The accused rapist and wifebeater even offered “to impregnate somebody.” Take that as you will, I guess?

Given his alarming and lengthy history, many would take an “offer” from Geoffrey as a threat.

But for those who don’t, Geoffrey notes that he would definitely have some paperwork for them to sign first.

First, an NDA of some kind. Second, a “no child support” clause to ensure that anyone having his child does so without his help.

While we wouldn’t wish co-parenting with Geoffrey on our worst enemies (nor would we want to curse a child with knowing him), that is an unusual scheme.

Sperm is extremely easy to come by, pun not intended, and high-priced sperm usually comes from celebrity geniuses or professional athletes, not from demented criminals.

That said, it’s not that we don’t recommend taking him up on the offer out of a eugenics belief that his children are fated to be monsters. It’s more that the whole thing is ridiculous.

Geoffrey wants to pay his bills, but he explained why he didn’t want to set up a GoFundMe page.

Hilariously, he claimed that he wanted to “give something back.”

To any saps willing to even consider helping him out, he implored: “Fund me to fight my court cases.”

Speaking of ridiculous, the notorious scumbag also shared with Domenick that he once had sex with a “chunky” girl who “snorted like a pig.”

Charming guy, so respectful of women.

Of course, most 90 Day Fiance viewers didn’t even need to read through the harrowing accounts of multiple ex-wives and multiple ex-girlfriends to know that Geoffrey had a real anger problem.

During his season, Geoffrey made it loud and clear that he had a short fuse.

His true personality would come to the surface when he became enraged, causing him to lash out on anger.

You don’t need to study criminal psychology to see that and wonder how much worse someone could be when cameras aren’t rolling and producers aren’t watching.

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