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Greg James, 37, and his wife, Bella Mackie, 39, are perfectly content with being child-free for the moment, as the Radio 1 DJ assured they have “plenty of time”. In 2020, the journalist revealed she had suffered a miscarriage which took a devastating toll on her mental health.

Now, speaking to Men’s Health UK, Greg explained that he and Bella are simply “monitoring” the child situation, rather than actively trying to have a baby.

He stated: “Basically we’re both on ‘no’ to kids at the moment.

“It’s where we are at the moment.

“We’re having a nice time. We have a nice life.”

The radio DJ reiterated that time is on their side and both he and the writer are riding out their own waves of career success.

Greg also revealed that while some of their friends do have children, he and Bella don’t necessarily feel left out.

He continued: “All of our friends make having kids look hard.

“None of them look like they’re having a nice time.”

The DJ noted that there’s no pressure from their families to have children as there are a few babies already.

While he declared “we’re fine without (children)”, Greg reflected for a moment on the “consequences for later in life”.

The DJ contemplated himself and Bella living out their old age as “two sad old people in our rocking chairs”, but still didn’t budge on his perspective of children, adding that he hopes to live abroad at some point too.

Bella has previously been open about her struggles with anxiety, OCD and her miscarriage, candidly sharing her experiences in her writing.

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In 2020, Bella wrote in an essay for The Times that her “surprise” pregnancy only lasted for three weeks.

She painstakingly wrote: “It could barely be called a miscarriage.

“But even in that brief window my mental health plummeted dramatically.”

Bella explained that her already present anxiety and OCD “roared back” forcing in intrusive thoughts and left her unable to stop crying.

She continued: “The intensity and speed of my deterioration shocked me and my poor husband.”

With the initial shock and trauma of the miscarriage fading, the writer revealed that the thought of having a child “remains vague”.

Bella added: “I am still terrified of the possibility that I might slide back down the treacherous slope and end up losing my independence, or being resentful about what I’ve lost.”

Greg was speaking to Talking Heads columnist Alastair Campbell in the April issue of Men’s Health UK, which goes on sale tomorrow.

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