Hollyoaks star Jorgie Porter has shared the heartbreaking news that she had a miscarriage.

The gorgeous actress, 33, is dating Ollie Piotrowski and in recent interview the star revealed her devastation after the miscarriage.

Jorgie was pregnant with quadruplets when she miscarried, and she was told there no signs of life in the embryo sacs at a scan around 14 weeks into the pregnancy.

The star received the shocking news in August of this year, and said it "didn't make sense."

In a chat with The Sun's Fabulous Magazine, Jorgie said: "I’d not had any sign that things weren’t OK. No pain or bleeding, I was getting bigger, my boobs were growing, I had so much hair on my body and I still felt pregnant.

"When the consultant performed the scan then said: ‘You’ve miscarried,’ I was in total shock.”

Jorgie was given a care package with four teddy bears in a very touching gift from nurses, after having a procedure to have her uterus cleared.

The star continued to say: "If we can get through this, we can get through anything," while telling the publication it had brought her and Ollie closer.

Jorgie told Channel 4 bosses she was pregnant before her 12-week scan due to her bump, and said they were "so supportive."

The star wasn't sure she wanted to be a mum but seven months into their relationship things changed.

"Ollie said he could see himself having children with me, and it was a big moment, because I felt like I absolutely wanted children with him, too," the beauty revealed.

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She continued: "I remember driving to work thinking: ‘I want to come off the Pill.’ I’d been dating him for less than a year, but I knew I wanted him to father my kids.

"I peed on the ovulation stick and when it showed a smiley face, indicating a surge in fertility hormones, it didn’t make sense to me, because I thought I was on my period," Jorgie continued.

She added: "I did a pregnancy test and when it came up positive, Ollie and I were knocked for six.

"We ended up doing four tests in one night to be absolutely sure – we even drove to Tesco at midnight to buy one! It turned out my ‘period’ was an implantation bleed. I never even knew that was a thing until I Googled it.”

Detailing her symptoms during her interview with the Sun, Jorgie continued: "I couldn’t stop eating, I was so tired and my boobs ballooned overnight. You could see them from the back, they were so ginormous!

"I also felt very irritable and didn’t want Ollie to touch me. I’m not usually hormonal and don’t get moody at my time of the month, so it was out of character. I felt like I was going insane.”

Jorgie shared that she hopes to provide comfort with her story, to help other women who have experienced miscarriage.

She said: "Miscarriage is still a taboo subject, but by speaking out, it’s a way of coping and helping other women realise that they’re not alone."

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