Before he married award-winning actress Nicole Kidman, country superstar Keith Urban was hot and heavy with supermodel Niki Taylor. The former couple actually managed to keep their relationship out of the spotlight, dating between 2002 to 2004, according to People.

As fans may recall, Taylor was in a horrific car accident in 2001 and spent six weeks in a coma. When she finally awoke, she decided to make changes in her life and moved to Brentwood, TN with her twin boys, Jake and Hunter, from her first marriage. Soon after, she met Urban, who she affectionately called “Kiki.” 

The relationship was serious, with the couple sharing a home in Franklin, TN, as well as getting matching amor vincit omnia tattoos, which is Latin for “love conquers all.” The model even appeared in Urban’s music video for his song “Somebody Like You,” which hit the No. 1 spot on the country music charts in 2002 (as per Country Fan Cast). But as the country singer’s career began to soar, the duo struggled to make their relationship a priority and ultimately called it quits.

Following the separation, Urban signed the deed to their home over to Taylor, who sold it in 2004 (via Virtual Globetrotting). Two years later, Taylor explained the cause of the breaking, noting, “His career got really busy, I got really busy, and we never saw each other.” 

Keith and Niki have found happiness with others

After Keith Urban and Niki Taylor broke up in 2004, both went on to find true love with other people. Urban has been married to Nicole Kidman since 2006 and they share two daughters, Sunday and Faith, (via Biography). 

Taylor also wed in 2006, tying the knot with former NASCAR driver Burney Lamar. The couple currently live in Nashville, TN with their kids, daughter Ciel and son Rex, as well Jake and Hunter, (as per Hello). Another thing Urban and Taylor have in common: They have both gotten rid of their matching tattoos.

“I am removing it because it is stopping me from getting some work I think,” Taylor revealed in 2012, according to Yahoo!. “People’s eyes go right to it. It doesn’t matter how acceptable tattoos are or how many people have them, [attention] goes right to this one on my arm so I’ve decided to remove it, although I still do have tattoos in other places.”

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