Jasmine Pineda: Is She 90 Day Fiances Next Angela Deem?

On Season 5, Episode 6 of 90 Day Fiance: Before The 90 Days, Jasmine Pineda screamed and cried.

It wasn’t over a family death. It wasn’t over a breakup. Gino hadn’t said something cruel to her.

Jasmine yelled and screamed at her boyfriend over the colors of the walls of his house.

All of that raging and wailing — and the toxic motives behind it — remind some viewers of another franchise star: Angela Deem.

Jasmine Pineda may think that her behavior is a joke.

But viewers are recoiling in horror as they witness verbal and emotional abuse.

Jasmine’s outrageous outbursts would be understandable from a preschooler. From an adult, it’s toxic.

Jasmine and Gino could not be less alike in general disposition, viewers notice in scene after scene.

On Episode 6, Gino very softly defended his house’s decor when Jasmine lashed out at it.

She felt that his ex had chosen everything, but his defense — that they’d picked things out together — only set her off.

Jasmine Pineda screams over being made to "look crazy"

Jasmine’s response was to scream and wail, accusing Gino of “always” making her “look crazy.”

As countless viewers commented across social media, Jasmine does not appear to need any help.

She fled a baffled Gino to sob in another room … over paint colors in a house that she has never set foot inside.

What makes her outburst interesting is that, well, we all know that some people have bad days and unhealthy moments.

Even back at the hotel room, however, Jasmine continued — not yelling, this time, but angrily packing her bags and resolvinng to leave.

Gino being a human being who existed before they met and has paint on his walls was seemingly something that she could not handle.

Jasmine then laid out her demands to Gino.

If he wants her to remain in his life, then his exes have to stop existing in his mind.

Wanting your man to stop talking about his exes is normally okay, but … Jasmine is the one who brought it up.

There have been other major red flags, including Jasmine’s controlling behavior and past fits.

Gino also met Jasmine’s friend, who had witnessed her rage firsthand.

Jasmine, by her own admission, had attacked a hair stylist who had burned her hair. That is not an appropriate reaction.

We also know that this is not the end of Jasmine’s fury, because previews have shown her yelling at Gino in the future.

It’s possible, even very likely, that her anger is fully justified — but that is not the issue.

How Jasmine handles that anger, whether it’s like a human being or an unhinged and feral creature, is the question.

Jasmine’s pattern of behavior is actually very familiar to viewers of the 90 Day Fiance franchise.

Angela Deem is one of the most notorious villains to appear on any of the shows, and has proven — unfortunately — to be ratings gold.

Watching an older-than-she-looks grandmother yell and scream at the slightest (often imagined) provocation makes headlines and gets people to tune in.

Like Jasmine, Angela’s explosive rage appears uncontrollable — but actually has a purpose.

She keeps her long-suffering husband, Michael Ilesanmi, on his toes.

The constant verbal and emotional abuse has him walking on eggshells, afraid to displease her. That’s the whole point.

Obviously, part of Angela’s motive at this point is to continue to be rewarded by Sharp Entertainment, TLC, and Discovery Plus.

Her disgusting behavior does well for the show, so they want to see more of it.

But we have all seen and heard about enough of Angela’s toxic antics off-camera to know that some, or even most, of what we see is genuine.

Angela wants to terrify Michael until he is afraid to speak up for himself as a human being and will remain obedient.

This classic abuse tactic is painful to watch play out on screen.

It appears that Jasmine is trying to do the same thing with Gino, even if she leans more towards tears than vicious insults.

Though their tantrums and the abusive motives behind them are similar, there are differences.

Jasmine seems to balance out her screaming fits with moments of kindness.

She praised Gino’s sexual stamina, and has apparently gone above and beyond in bed.

But those good moments of peace and happiness serve as the counterpoint to the tantrums, and they’re part of the manipulation process.

Being on your best behavior doesn’t count for much when you act like a loaded gun, ready to terrify your partner into giving in to your every demand.

Don’t like your partner’s behavior and just asking won’t fix it? Break up with them. Don’t act like a howling, maddened beast just to get your way.

From toxic narcissistic moms (pictured) to catfishers and more, 90 Day Fiance is home to many types of bad people.

Of course we’re going to see awful people on our screens, but there are lines that should not be crossed. Abusive partners should not be rewarded.

Maybe Jasmine hasn’t gone as far as Angela has yet. But we hope that she can improve her behavior, and soon, or she’ll cement her status as a villain.

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