Jenn Harley is still dealing with the fallout from her domestic violence arrest over the weekend.

As we reported, Ronnie Ortiz-Magro’s ex was cuffed after allegedly pointing a gun at her boyfriend, Joseph Ambrosole, and threatening to kill him during a heated altercation.

Now, the social media personality is reportedly losing brand partnerships due to the incident, after new details have emerged making Jenn look even worse.

During the altercation, she reportedly used the N-word: Joseph allegedly told cops that Jenn told him “I’ll shoot you n****,” and “I’ll kill you right f***ing now,” before cocking the gun. Yeesh.

Sex toy and porn company Bellesa told TMZ they have now cut all ties with Harley on the heels of the incident. The mother-of-one promoted the company as recently as Mother’s Day, when she told her followers to hit her up for a free toy or gift card, noting in the caption:

“Moms deserve to relax too!”

The outlet also reported that Posh Baby and Kids suspended their partnership with Harley — which saw her promoting the Bentley Trike (stroller/bike) — and will permanently end her contract if the allegations against her hold up in court. Company CEO Deepak Raghavan said:

“These incidents go against the values of our company. We don’t condone this behavior.”

Weirdly enough, Jenn’s team isn’t happy that these businesses are saying they dropped her. Why? Because they say she never had business deals with the brands in the first place, meaning she was *technically* never “dropped” by anyone!

Her rep explained to the outlet:

“Bellesa was a one post deal, there was no on-going contract with them. Her deal with Bentley Trike wasn’t even paid, she was given a free trike in exchange for a post. Jenn is considering legal action against the companies which made these statements.”

Legal action!? We can’t imagine any jury blaming companies who’d worked with someone accused of these actions for wanting to distance themselves.

Then again, it sounds like Harley has bigger problems to worry about, as she was ultimately arrested and booked for domestic violence and assault with a deadly weapon in Las Vegas. During her court appearance, the judge found that there was probable cause for the arrest and ordered Jenn to submit to a DNA test.

This isn’t the real estate agent’s first brush with the law either. In 2019, she was arrested for allegedly throwing an ashtray at the Jersey Shore star. Harley’s next court appearance is scheduled for August 19.

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