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You know what I’ve been thinking about for days as it looks like OG Bennifer has been reunited? I’ve been thinking about Hustlers, and Jennifer Lopez’s opening scene, where she kills it on the stripper pole and dances so provocatively, no one could shut up about it for months afterwards. It’s a great scene. And I wonder if that’s when Ben Affleck was like “I should really give her a call.” Ben is nothing if not predictable! Anyway, after spending much of last week playing Escalade games and hanging out in Jen’s LA home, Ben and Jen likely spent some time together backstage at Vax Live! She performed, and then Ben came out and did a bit with Jimmy Kimmel (that whole shtick is getting pretty tired). While there are no photos of Ben and Jen together again, Jennifer seemingly referenced Ben and his favorite baseball team during her performance:

She’s singing his tune. Jennifer Lopez sang the Neil Diamond classic “Sweet Caroline” as a tribute to her mom at Global Citizen’s “Vax Live: The Concert to Reunite the World” on Sunday night. But sources in the crowd couldn’t help notice that the song is also a Red Sox anthem — and that Lopez’s ex, Boston native Ben Affleck, appeared at the concert in a segment immediately following her performance. The tune has been played at every Fenway Park home game for nearly 20 years.

Affleck, 38, was a presenter at the show with comic Jimmy Kimmel, who poked fun at Affleck’s role as Batman — as well as the star’s predilection for Dunkin’ Donuts.

Page Six previously reported that Lopez — who just split from former Yankees slugger Alex Rodriguez — and Affleck have spent time together since she returned to Los Angeles from the set of her latest film to start rehearsals for Saturday night’s concert.

At the show, Lopez, 51, sang “Sweet Caroline” with her mom, Guadalupe, joining her onstage. The pop star told the crowd of the song choice: “When I was thinking about what song to sing tonight, I remembered the song [her mother] used to always sing to me when I was a baby … if you would indulge me, I’d love to sing that one tonight.”

But some fans in the crowd at SoFi Stadium couldn’t help but raise their eyebrows. “That is 100 percent a Boston song,” noted one insider during the set. Indeed, “Sweet Caroline” is played at Fenway Park during the eighth inning of every Boston home game. The tradition formally began in 2002 when an exec for the team noticed the crowd’s connection to the song whenever it was played since the late ’90s.

Immediately after Lopez performed, Affleck was introduced to the stage with Kimmel. Affleck wore a sharp black suit and white shirt, while Kimmel was comically dressed as Batman sidekick Robin.

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I mean, “Sweet Caroline” is a lot bigger than just “the song that’s played at Red Sox games.” It’s played all over the world, and it’s played at many sporting events. It’s one of Neil Diamond’s biggest hits and most beloved songs. It’s a great sing-along song. “Touching you, touching meeeeee!!” But sure, maybe she did it for Ben. What I find really interesting though is that her mom was there! I remember the stories from 17 years ago – Ben and Jen’s mom got along famously. They would go gambling together. Mama adored Ben. Which is why I think Jennifer brought her in the first place, so mama could spend time with Ben.

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