Lisa Hogan on her son 'almost killing Jeremy Clarkson'

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Jeremy Clarkson, 61, sparked concern after submitting planning documents to renovate another barn at his Diddly Squat Farm Shop in Chadlington, where he plans to build a 60-seat restaurant. At a meeting with concerned local residents, the former Top Gear host tried to quell fears over the huge increase in visitors and the potential restaurant, by telling them they had his “absolute sympathy”.

“They like to come in and wee on my drive. I am just as keen as all of you to try and manage the situation,” Jeremy said.

Parish councillor Hilary Moore has written to West Oxfordfordshire District Council to complain: “The roads are clogged with traffic and the whole area is becoming a danger zone with fast cars showing off their speeds.”

A spokesperson for the police told Gloucestershire Live: “Thames Valley Police does not have any concerns or objection with regards to this current application, provided the building remains in agricultural use.

“However, we do have some concerns that if this application has been made in anticipation of a future change of use application, there is some potential for disruption in terms of highway safety and the potential for a demand on policing being generated by the site.

“Therefore, we encourage the applicant to consult further with Thames Valley Police in the event that the building is considered in the future for commercial use.

“To clarify, we do not object to further development to the site.

“However, we do need to ensure that any further development does not have a significant detrimental effect to the local community due to the rural location and the traffic management on minor roads in the vicinity.

“Given this small site has received significant national attention, there has been a noticeable increase in traffic in the vicinity, which needs to be managed safely, should the development be expanded.”

Jeremy was blasted at the beginning of the month by some Chadlington villagers over his Diddly Squat Farm Shop’s rising popularity, as one claimed it had seen a number of “young lads walking about” the local area.

The quaint Cotswolds village has seen a significant increase in traffic since the former Top Gear host’s show Clarkson’s Farm began airing on Amazon Prime this year, with tourists hoping to spot the born again farmer.

However, some of Chadlington’s residents are uncomfortable with it becoming what they perceive to be the “Malibu of the Cotswolds”.

The farm shop was opened on the back of the broadcaster’s popular reality show, which chronicles his foray into agriculture.

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Jeremy addressed villagers in the local town hall on September 9 over “concerns” they may have over the future of his hugely successful enterprise.

Posters went up the day before around the village announcing the event – which came with cheese and wine.

The notices read: “As there seems to be some debate in the village about what’s going on at Diddly Squat, Jeremy Clarkson will be at the Memorial Hall to explain his plans and to take any questions you may have. Everybody from the area is welcome to attend.”

It added: “Cheese and wine will be provided.”

Initially posted on the village community Facebook page, one person predicted that the meeting would be packed.

They joked that instead of the Memorial Hall he would need the Royal Albert Hall.

Fans from all over the country have been queuing for hours to get inside the Diddly Squat shop, provoking some complaints from neighbours.

“They just come through so fast,” one 76-year-old said as she travelled through the village on her mobility scooter.

 “It can be bedlam,” they claimed to The Guardian.

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