Oh, the struggles of young love…

JoJo Siwa broke down in tears after having to say goodbye to her girlfriend Kylie Prew on Monday! When the 17-year-old posted a pic of her teary-eyed to her Instagram Story, fans immediately began to panic the couple (who have been dating for nearly five months now) had split! But on the contrary, things are apparently going so well, it’s incredibly heartbreaking to say goodbye when the duo return to their respective homes.

Sharing a selfie to IG (below), the Dance Moms alum wrote:

“I. Don’t. Like. Saying. Goodbye.”

Naturally, after a viral freakout, the Nickelodeon star hoped back online to clear the air with some truly heart-wrenching videos. She told her loyal diehards:

“You guys are confused on why I was crying on my last Story. Nothing happened. We just are long distance and we had to say goodbye today and I’m sad.”

The mega popular YouTuber (who resides in Cali, across the country from Prew in Florida) continued:

“I know you all were panicking for a second. But no need to panic. The reality of long distance: It’s very very very hard, but it’s the most worth it ever.”

Aww!! Nothing worse than that, especially after the couple have been having a blast on dates to Disney World! But the hard goodbyes have become all too familiar for the celebrity, who added:

“It happens every time we say goodbye, and I wish we didn’t have to ever. But we do. And it just makes the when we get to say hi to each other even more special.”

Good outlook to have, and a great message to share with her young followers! Before logging off to feel all the feels in private, the actress admitted the tears wouldn’t be stopping anytime soon.

“I’m gonna keep doing this for a lot longer.”

At least she has something worth crying over!! We love how vulnerable and open JoJo has been ever since coming out! No matter how many trolls come after her, she’s not afraid to flaunt her love to the world! And from the looks of her recent trips on social media, the couple’s relationship has only gotten stronger since going public.

With dates to Waffle House, bowling at Splitsville in Disney Springs, and days spent on the best rollercoasters Disney World has to offer, Kylie and JoJo have had as much fun as possible in their time together. The dancer even captioned a recent pic of the girlfriends in matching Buzz Lightyear outfits (above), saying:

“I love you to infinity and beyond:)”

Clearly no need to worry about a potential breakup! Though it’s definitely a good reminder how challenging long distance can be for so many people! (Especially in a pandemic when traveling is incredibly difficult and risky!) Reactions, Perezcious readers??

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