Pixar Addressed a Major ‘Toy Story’ Plot Hole About Buzz Lightyear

Pixar’s chief creative officer has addressed a major Toy Story plot hole about Buzz Lightyear.

The hit 1995 animation spawned a legion of sequels and more recently, an upcoming prequel, despite the fact the original movie includes its fair share of plot holes – one being that Buzz Lightyear goes rigid around humans even though he doesn’t think he’s a toy in that film.

Speaking recently, Pixar boss Pete Docter cleared up any lingering confusion about that particular mystery.

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He revealed that while the creators of Toy Story had “a lot of explanations” as to why Buzz opts to go rigid anyway, they felt “nobody cared” enough after the first film or its sequels to ever provide an answer.

“We went through a lot of discussion on Toy Story, the first one, about like, ‘If Buzz doesn’t know he’s a toy, why does he go rigid when a kid walks in the room?'” Docter told The Huffington Post US.

“We had a lot of explanations and talk about that, too. And in the end, nobody cared.”

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He added: “I think the short answer is you just have to kind of try to guess where the audience is going to find importance, or at least push their interest there.”

Toy Story 4 is out now.

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