Scotty McCreery recently released the title track from his upcoming album Same Truck, which is due September 17, 2021 via Triple Tigers.

McCreery co-wrote “Same Truck” with Ashley Gorley, Zack Crowell and Taylor Phillips.

“We’re all more alike than we are different,” McCreery said. “I’ve witnessed that on almost a daily basis as I talk with people and watch them while traveling around the world to perform. This is my way of saying that we’re all on the same team here; let’s all work toward getting along again; let’s build each other up.”

“But we’re all in the same truck / Heading down a different two lane / Kickin’ up the same dust / Praying for the same rain,” he sings at the chorus. “Closing down the same bars / Different wishes on the same stars / Getting every mile out of these good years til the day He calls us up / We’re all in the same truck.”

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