The ‘My Wife and Kids’ actress lets out a string of curse words as she gets into her car after running into a bear cub while she was grocery shopping at a local store.

AceShowbiz -Actress Tisha Campbell couldn’t help but turn the air blue as she safely returned to her car after a narrow escape from a bear cub who had got lost and wandered into her local grocery store.

The “My Wife and Kids” star was picking up supplies from the Los Angeles store when she spotted a 120 lb bear cub. In the video clip posted on Instagram, the bear was seen casually strolling down one of the aisles as shoppers looked on, stunned.

The clip then showed Tisha pushing her trolley out of the store and to her car, before getting in the vehicle, locking the doors and letting rip with an array of curse words as she reflected on what had just happened.

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Tisha further reflected on the terrifying encounter.

“He was in the bread section. I’m all the way in the fruit section,” she said. “My instinct was, ‘OK, I have to figure out how I’m gonna get out of here,’ because they were just shooing him outside. How am I gonna get to my car?’ So the calm that you see on my IG is really panic, straight panic. But I have to always think two steps ahead. Thank God my mother taught me how to play chess… When I got into my car I got to let it out.”

Tisha added that, in the moment, she ended up paying for her groceries instead of just leaving them and getting out of the store – a move she admitted was “dumb.”

“I just got nervous because that looked like a baby bear to me, it didn’t look like a full-grown bear,” she said. “So where there’s a baby there’s a mama… My dumb behind bought, that’s why I was out of breath because I was throwing my groceries in the back and rushed into the front.”

The bear made it out of the store eventually and hid under a trailer until wildlife experts got there, tranquilised the animal and took it back to the Los Angeles National Forest.

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