The Only Way Is Essex is almost back on our TV screens, and to prepare for their return, Amber Turner, Dan Edgar, Dani Imbert and Junaid Ahmed have undergone body transformations to make themselves feel "confident" again.

Whether it be a Brazilian Bum Lift or an introduction to baby Botox, here, Amber, 29, Dan, 32, Dani, 23, and Junaid, 28 have revealed to OK! the highs and lows of their procedures and treatments.

Junaid Ahmed

Junaid Ahmed, 28, said he feels like a "brand new person" following a nose job, hair transplant and chin liposuction.

He said: "I did it all in a week. My hair was really receding. The transplant was the most horrendous pain of my whole life – eight hours of it. The nose job and chin liposuction I had together in Turkey and the hair transplant was five days before.

"I'm still in recovery now – it takes six months and it's only three months since I had it all done. I wouldn't jump in the pool or anything right now."

Dani Imbert

Dani Imbert revealed she had a Brazilian Bum Lift, which transfers fat from other body areas using liposuction, in Turkey.

She said: "It is something I always wanted. I didn't want anything massive. I didn't want a huge Nicki Minaj bum, but mine was like a pancake.

"I just wanted a body in proportion. I always had boobs and no bum – I wanted a bit more meat on my bottom half!"

Amber Turner

Amber Turner told us she's been hitting the gym in preparation for being back on TV screens in her bikini.

The 29 year old star said: "I train really hard because I think you have to feel confident in yourself. You are on a show where people try to knock your confidence make you feel s**t. If you don't feel confident, it's a downward spiral."

She added: "But I'm loving the gym. Me, Courtney [Green] and Chloe [Meadows] do reformer Pilates and Blaze high intensity workouts [a combination of mixed martial arts, cardio and strength training]. I also do weights and go on the stepper a lot."

Amber also had baby Botox and lip filler before filming "to give a natural result".

Dan Edgar

Dan Edgar, 32, beefed up his body by undergoing a gruelling 18-week fitness programme, which helped to save his relationship with co-star Amber Turner.

At the end of the last series, we saw their relationship hit the rocks, which promoted Dan to clean up his act.

Dan enlisted the help of a friend Dev, who is a personal trainer and mentor.

"He runs a programme called Define with Dev," said Dan. "It's not just about being in the gym and putting on loads of muscle.

"A lot of stuff I do is mindset stuff. We have deep chats about the laws of attraction and manifesting."

He explained: "I have changed a lot of aspects of my life. Getting in the gym – it does wonders for you.

"Before, I felt I was going around in circles. I had some big changes to make personally. I was going through the motions.

"It is unattractive to be that person who is like, 'I don't care, – whatever' about everything. I would be the one showing up late because I had been out partying."


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