It’s going to be less Netflix and Chill and more Netflix and Fidget Uncomfortably if Prince William and/or Prince Harry decide to watch the last two seasons of The Crown. At least, that’s the prediction that royal expert and author Katie Nicholl has gone on the record with.

Specifically, Nicholl expects Will and Harry will both struggle to watch some of the sensitive scenes depicting their late mother, Princess Diana, that are coming up on the show.

“I think this series is going to be quite uncomfortable viewing, not just for [Queen Consort] Camilla and [King] Charles but also for William and Harry,” she explained in a recent interview with Entertainment Tonight. “Scenes leading up to their mother’s death are going to be very, very uncomfortable for them.”

Everything about ^^^ is obviously 100% totally understandable. It would also be just as understandable, of course, if Will and Harry opted to skip watching The Crown‘s final two seasons, which will cover, among other things, their mother’s tragic 1997 death—especially since both brothers have spoken publicly about the impact the loss had on their mental and emotional health.

“This is a period that they had to live out so publicly. We heard Harry talk about the very real impact it’s had on his life, and William as well. So for this to sort of be revisited, even if it’s done tastefully … for this to be brought up all over again is incredibly hard for William and Harry,” Nicholl added. “[There is] a sense that, really, their mother’s ghost can’t ever be laid to rest for them. I think [that] is really still something that’s very real and very difficult for them.”

Even though Nicholl thinks seasons 5 and 6 of The Crown will feel “uncomfortably close” to Will and Harry (and the rest of the royal family, for that matter), she also said that “with all the media hype and the attention the series has been getting, it wouldn’t surprise me at all if this is the biggest rated [season] for the series, in terms of viewing figures.”

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