Yep, It’s Time for a Deep Dive on Dylan Meyer, Kristen Stewart’s Talented Screenwriter Fiancée

Kristen Stewart typically keeps mum about who she’s dating…that is, until her new fiancée, Dylan Meyer, came into her life. Instead of being “sort of cagey” with the details of her relationship—her words, BTW!—Kristen can’t stop gushing about Dylan whenever she gets the chance. The couple has been solid as a rock for the past couple of years, and K-Stew confirmed they are engaged, which is obviously v exciting!

With wedding bands in their future, it’s time to learn more about Dylan, the woman who has captured Kristen’s heart. If you don’t come out of this shipping the hell outta Kristen and Dylan, well…then I’m sorry to break it to you, but your heart is no longer in working order. 😬 Get to know more about Dylan, below.

Kristen confirmed she and Dylan are engaged as of November 2021!

Dylan proposed!! “We’re marrying, we’re totally gonna do it,” Kristen confirmed on SiriusXM’s The Howard Stern Show. “I wanted to be proposed to, so I think I very distinctly carved out what I wanted and she nailed it. We’re marrying, it’s happening.”

While truly thrilling, this isn’t exactly breaking news because Kristen has been pretty open about wanting to take her future with Dylan more ~seriously~, previously telling Howard Stern that she “can’t fucking wait” to propose to Dylan (although it ended up being the other way around!) and “absolutely” wants them to get married.

“Yeah, I want to be, like, somewhat reasonable about it, but I think good things happen fast,” Kristen previously said as she talked through her plan for popping the question. “I can’t say right now because she’ll find out.” Kristen also said her wish to get married isn’t “tied to any weird sort of convention. It’s just, like, when you know, you know.”

Sounds like they knew!

Dylan is a screenwriter and actress.

In a November 2020 interview with Howard Stern, Kristen revealed that she and Dylan actually met on a movie set visit eight years ago. Kristen didn’t specify which movie it was, but Dylan’s résumé has an impressive list of options—according to her IMDb page, she has writing and production credits on Moxie, Rock Bottom, Miss 2059, and Loose Ends.

Kristen and Dylan started dating after Kristen and Stella Maxwell broke up.

Kristen and Dylan were reportedly dating in August 2019, just a month after Kristen was seen kissing Stella Maxwell on a yacht in Italy. An E! News source didn’t seem to sweat this though. They claimed that “Kristen’s spending time with Dylan and very happy about it” and Kristen wasn’t “holding back at all and loves being with her. They’re moving quickly and always together.”

Kristen knew right away that she liked Dylan a lot.

And according to Kristen, their connection was absolutely cosmic. Kristen told Howard Stern all about it and said:

They went Instagram official in October 2019.

Kristen doesn’t have an Instagram account of her own, but Dylan does! Soon after they started dating, Dylan posted a black-and-white Polaroid of her and Kristen kissing with the caption, “Find me under the covers hiding from the happiness police. 🖤”

A post shared by Dylan Meyer (@spillzdylz)

Dylan also wrote a super-sweet tribute to Kristen for her birthday that read, “It’s my absolute favorite person’s birthday and I’m wishing everyone the volume of beautiful feeling I feel toward her. It’s a short ride on this earth, spend your time with someone that inspires you to be the best version of yourself and lights your shit on fire.”

A post shared by Dylan Meyer (@spillzdylz)

Can’t wait to see these two walk down the aisle! 😭

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