‘7ft yellow-eyed aliens’ dubbed ‘Face Peelers’ leave tribe terrified of attacks

Eerie-looking "aliens" with "yellowish eyes" have been dubbed "Face Peelers" by a tribe leaving in fear of attacks.

Mysterious outsiders have been labelled "Los Pelacaras" by the frightened Ikitu tribe in the Alto Nanay district of northeast of Lima, Peru.

The villagers have found themselves fighting back against who they think could be extra-terrestrial predators.

Those "pelacaras" are said to feast on the faces of humans, and it appears the shrouded, dark-coloured hood-wearing "aliens" have been targeting the tribe for some time.

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Nearly a month ago, July 11, was the first sighting of the strange beasts, and since then a 15-year-old girl has been hospitalized due to an encounter with the "Face Peelers".

Although the creatures are not yet confirmed to be anything from beyond the stars, community leader Jairo Reátegui Dávila said: "As a result of the struggle, they cut part of her neck."

But villager safety is paramount, and night patrols are now constant, a way for the terrified tribe to keep an eye out for the "Face Peelers".

Those patrols were organised to "protect women, children, and the vulnerable" from the attackers, who have now lingered near to the community for a month.

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Local media reports indicate the village has been struggling to sleep due to their heightened state of fear from the attackers.

Community leader Dávila has even said he came face to face with the "Face Peelers", adding: "Their shoes are round-shaped, which they use to float… Their heads are long, they wear a mask and their eyes are yellowish. They are experts at escaping.

"We have met almost face to face. His face is hardly visible. I have seen his whole body floating at a height of one meter,' he said, suggesting the being was hovering."

Dávila even warned of the "armoured" beings being "injured" by bullets but seemingly capable of getting up and disappearing after being shot.

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