‘Affordable’ sex robots could help loners create ‘genuine romantic connection’

Sex robots could help loveless loners with their "sexual desires" as an expert puts forward the "affordable" robotic choice.

Those with some spare cash and limited social skills could pull a robotic partner that would "fulfil" them, as the "stigma" surrounding the sex toy use appears to be dropping.

Recent surveys showed that sexbots are on the rise, with 40% of UK residents polled as planning on purchasing the robo-doll within the next five years.

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Easier access, affordable prices and "companionship" were all cited as new reasons for the rise in purchasing the robots, particularly in parts of the United States and the UK.

Expert Deon Black of LetsTalkSex studies, said: "Firstly, the use of sex robots in the US may be increasing due to technological advancements and greater accessibility.

"As technology becomes more advanced and affordable, it's easier for people to access and purchase sex robots."

Expert Black noted that the affordability could shift "loneliness and disconnection", particularly in America, with the billion-dollar industry providing partners as well as sexual gratification.

He added: "The use of sex robots may be seen as a way to fulfil sexual desires and provide companionship for those who are feeling isolated."

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Sex robots are hitting the markets for anywhere between £1,000 to £6,000, with one online retailer stocking up on dolls and discounting them anywhere from 9% to 20%.

Expert Black also said the "stigma surrounding the use of sex toys" as well as "other sexual aids" like sex robots, could be on the decline.

He said: "As people become more accepting of different sexual preferences and behaviours, the use of sex robots may be viewed as a more acceptable way to explore sexuality."

A survey carried out by LetsTalkSex polled 17,344 men and women, and over 50% of those said they could see themselves holding a "genuine romantic connection" with a sex doll in future.

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