Aliens ‘stealing human sperm and eggs’ to create ‘human hybrid’ race on earth

Aliens are stealing humans sperm and eggs in midnight raids to create a human hybrid race – which could already be living amongst us and working in your local chip shop, experts claim.

UFO specialist Colin Saunders says the egg-pinching extra terrestrials are planning on taking over the planet because humans are destroying it.

And he said people are so clueless about the programme that the alien hybrids could be our wives or husbands or even mother-in-laws.

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Colin, who has published a book on his own experience of "triangle crafts", said they "look just like us", so there is no way to tell them apart.

He said he had interviewed hundreds of abductees who said they had been taken on board ships from out of space for the operations.

Colin, from Leicestershire, said: “If I was to guess it seems to me the aliens have a programme of abduction. They are coming down and taking people on board a craft where they are placed on a table.

"Then they draw out sperm and eggs using some sort of probe. It’s a story I’ve heard from hundreds of abductees, who have no connection to each other but their version of events is so similar.

"Once they have the eggs and sperm they mix it with their own to create a human alien hybrid. They look just like us so we wouldn’t even know that they were an alien hybrid.

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"They’re most likely already here living amongst us, they could be our neighbours or friends or even your mother in law. Humans will date and marry them and reproduce and eventually the hybrid will take over the planet.

"It does worry me that they haven’t made themselves known, they are very secretive about what they want from us. In my opinion it’s not really us they want, it’s our planet. We’ve destroyed the earth and I think they want to save it – but not us."

Robert Pulme, a UFO hunter, who has been investigating for the past 20 years said he is seeing "increasing evidence" that aliens are already on planet Earth and living amongst humans in day-to-day love, disguising themselves as normal people and undertaking normal jobs.

He said: "There are very real signs that the world governments know more than they let the public know. It is almost a certainty.

"Many in the UFO community share tips and sightings and it is clear from the evidence we collate, that aliens are very much a part of everyday existence as we know it.

"It has been believed for a very long time that aliens are already here, and now we believe they are so clever that they have learnt how to hide in plain sight, and how to integrate themselves into our everyday lives.

"We want to learn about them, but they also want to learn about us, and this is how they’ve gone about it.

"Coming to Earth, becoming ‘human-like’ and going about their business, working in jobs such as the post office and shops. I imagine everyone knows an alien without realising they are one."

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