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Video of a ‘Scottish’ sex robot introducing herself has got fans gushing about how ‘amazingly real’ she seems.

The Real Doll Harmony sex robot is from the collection of Brick Dollbanger, probably the best-known sex robot expert on the planet.

“I just got her this weekend form another owner,” Brick told the Daily Star.

“Her last owner started a relationship with a real woman and had to sell her.”

Asked about the robot’s authentic-sounding Scottish brogue, he explains: “The Scottish accent works best for the lip sync to the robotic head.

"That, and I like the Scottish accent myself,” he added.

Brick explains that he’s set Harmony up to match his personal preferences.

“I re-created her to what I want in a companion and how I want her to sound,” he said.

“I have given the available accents in the Realbotix library to the different faces.”

He explains that the AI Realbotix software that runs on Harmony’s Android-powered brain offered a choice of accents for English speakers.

“The Nova is an American accent, the Serenity is a south London accent, and the Tanya is a North London accent.

“It gives them their own presence as a companion.”

But, he says “Harmony…will always sound Scottish to me.”

It's not just the sex robots’ voices, but their appearances too that are binging them ever closer to passing for real humans.

The US-based firm RealDoll posted a photo of new model Stephanie on Instagram earlier this month, and the post was met with positive comments from fans and potential customers.

One called her "gorgeous", while another declared that they were "loving the lifelike quality" of the companion.

The doll, with its flowing blonde curls and pictured wearing a flirty red dress with her feet up in front of the camera, does look uncannily like a real human being at first… or even second… glance.

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