Bizarre Putin-loving Russian psychic claims ‘finale’ of war is coming soon

A Russian psychic has made a series of bizarre predictions – including when the invasion of Ukraine will end.

Mirella Gasanova is known in Russia for being a clairvoyant and making pro-Putin predictions.

And she has now made some more when speaking to Kremlin-backing Russian news outlet Moskovskij Komsomolets.

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Her first predictions came when asked about the invasion of Ukraine – which has seen Russia lose more than 110k men on the front line, with another 300k injured and unable to fight – but with specific mentions of the involvement of the United states.

She said: “The West made a serious miscalculation in the confrontation with Russia, but it’s impossible to correct the current situation.

“America's expectations were not met.

“Initially, they had a bet that Russia would not be so active in protecting civilians in Ukraine.

“But Vladimir Putin is acting decisively, and since the United States has lost all the tools of influence on Moscow, the actions of our president put them in a stalemate.

“Russia has the United States on the shoulder blades.”

She then went on to make a bold – and slightly bizarre prediction about the end of the invasion.

In recent months, experts have claimed that Ukraine would win by Spring time.

But Ms Gasanova predicts otherwise.

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She said: “In the coming months, we will see how America begins to gradually move away from Ukraine.

“The Americans wanted to use Ukraine to fight against Russia.

“They are afraid of a possible reunification of the former republics of the USSR.

“That is why the Americans tried with all their might to ignite the conflict between Russia and Ukraine.

“It is thanks to this that we will soon be able to observe the finale of the Ukrainian conflict.”

As of October, 2022, the United States has given Ukraine more than £20 billion – with more being pledged by President Joe Biden in recent weeks – the opposite of the Russian psychic's claims.

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