A man was shocked when he captured a "UFO" hovering above his home while playing football with his son, as shown in a mysterious video.

In the clip, the bright object appears to be flashing in and out of sight as it flies from side to side.

The movement appears very fluid but it's impossible to tell how fast it is going without knowing how close it is to the ground.

Johnny Chung, 45, said it was the second time he had seen a UFO above his home in Bradley Stoke, Bristol, since moving from Hong Kong with his family two months ago.

He said last Saturday (May 15), he spotted a sequence of six to 10 "moving stars" in the sky which he did not believe to be drones, Bristol Live reports.

He told the title: "I tried to use my iPhone to capture them but I couldn't due to how far they were from me.

The former fashion design coordinator said, at first, he thought it was a satellite or the International Space Station (ISS) and decided to record it with the hope that others could identify it.

"I was surprised and even tried to use scientific evidence to convince myself this is not a UFO," he said.

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Mr Chung said his 10-year-old son was also excited, but thought it was a metallic "plastic bag" that had blown away – before realising that it wasn’t.

The excited dad was keen to show the footage to a wider audience and hoped someone could provide an explanation of exactly what he saw that evening.

Elon Musk's Starlink satellites are sometimes mistaken for UFOs and resemble a chain of bright objects snaking through the dark skies.

The SpaceX CEO made the so-called satellite internet constellation in the hope of making the internet accessible to everyone, even in the remotest locations.

But there are still cases that seem to defy logical explanation, such as reports from the US military of unknown craft with technology "1000 years ahead" in capabilities.

Former US President Barack Obama has even gone on the record to admit there have been military reports and footage of UFOs showing movement that "can't be explained".

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