Disgusted mum finds dead spider ‘cooked’ into her Domino’s pizza in grim find

A woman was left fuming after finding a dead spider “cooked into” her Domino’s pizza.

Georgia Cook had ordered the grub for her partner Dillon, 27, and son George, five, – but they made the horrifying alleged discovery when it turned up on their doorstep.

The 38-year-old mum had placed the order from the Domino’s branch in Feltham, west London, in early October, but then reportedly got more than she’d bargained for in the half-pepperoni, half-Meateor dish.

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The disgusted mum took to social media to share her experience, with the pizza branded a “Halloween edition” on TikTok.

“I sat down to eat my pizza and Dillon shouted, ‘There’s a spider in the pizza’,” Georgia later said. “It put us off the whole meal and it wasn’t cheap, so we were angry.

“After this, I contacted the store straight away and their answer was that they check our pizzas very carefully. I was so angry and said, ‘Is that it?’ It clearly got there somehow. Before ending the call I told them I’d be taking this further.

“I contacted Domino’s food safety, but we’ve had no reply as of yet – other than they’re investigating. They seem to be taking their time responding.”

Georgia added: “I’ve worked in the food industry for eight years. I understand some incidents happen but having no interest in rectifying the issue is just appalling.

“All my friends and family are freaked out and put off Domino’s forever.”

Georgia shared the post on Facebook, with users reacting strongly to the alleged pizza disaster.

One comment said: “Wasn’t a good quality check,” while another joked: “For extra, extra crunch.”

Another response was “Domino’s is way too expensive for this,” while someone else simply said: “It’s the Halloween edition.”

The Daily Star has contacted Domino’s for comment.

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