Energy: Pub landlord warns industry to brace for ‘carnage’

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Mr Johnson is reportedly preparing to announce an in-principle agreement that would offer funding to the Sizewell C reactor in Suffolk during his last week in office. The Sizewell C facility, which is to be constructed on the Suffolk coast, will be a 3,200 MWe nuclear power station — powerful enough to supply electricity for some six million homes. The European Pressurised Design facility, which is proposed by a consortium of EDF Energy and the China General Nuclear Power Group (CGN), is expected to cover a staggering seven percent of the country’s energy needs.

Over the past few months, Mr Johnson has focussed heavily on boosting nuclear and wind energy in the UK, as part of the country’s Energy Security Strategy to slash bills in the long term and reduce vulnerability to the volatile gas market.

According to the reports, Prime Minister is thought to have privately decided to go ahead with Sizewell C earlier in the summer.

However, he said yesterday that a public announcement was imminent.

Speaking during a visit to Dorset, Mr Johnson said: “We are going to have a long-term British energy security strategy, and we’re putting in more nuclear — you’re going to be hearing more about that later this week.”

He also promised “absolutely shedloads of wind power” as he sought to pin the blame for high gas prices on Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

He said: “Be in absolutely no doubt that the gas price is being driven by what Putin did in Ukraine.

“I’m not going to shrink from this — it is going to be tough in the months to come, it’s going to be tough through to next year, and that’s because of Putin’s war in Ukraine.

“But we’re going to get through it.”

Mr Johnson warned Britons yesterday that “it is going to be tough through to next year” because of the rising energy bills.

However, he added that his successor, which is poised to be Liz Truss, would “provide a further package of support for helping people with the cost of energy”.

Some concerns have been raised about Mr Johnson leaving his successor with a multibillion-pound bill at a time of a cost of living crisis.

However, the plans for the reactor are likely to go ahead under Ms Truss’ leadership, as Business Secretary Kwasi Kwarteng, who is tipped by Chancellor under her helm, is reported to be “massively” behind the Sizewell C plan.

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The proposed facility has long been met with disapproval by antinuclear and wildlife campaigners, who have announced that they will be continuing to oppose the project.

A spokesperson for the campaign group Stop Sizewell C told BBC News: “Our next prime minister should call Sizewell C in.

“There are so many better ways to spend billions of pounds of taxpayers’ money than on a project that won’t light a single lightbulb for at least a decade.”

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