‘Handsome’ Roman emperor reimagined as modern man and ‘looks like Daniel Craig’

The reconstructed face of ruthless Roman Emperor Augustus has shown how the founder of the Roman Empire would look in the modern day.

Ruling Rome from 27 BC to AD 14, the close ally and great-nephew of slain Roman figurehead Julius Caesar has been reconstructed from statues and busts. His likeness has since been adapted to the modern world.

Born Gaius Octavius, the inaugural Emperor left his mark on the culture of the Roman Empire. He brought about a military might which paved the way to the defeat of Cleopatra, though had some trouble holding onto an heir to take the throne.

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His alleged last words demanded those around him "applaud" before he passed. Now, centuries on from his death, a reconstruction of his face in the modern day has been unveiled.

Potentially controversial nuances such as eyes and skin tone were noted in the recreation of the Roman emperor. A few notes were left on the recreation though, namely on how statues worked on at the time were made for the purpose of "propaganda".

As explained by Royalty Studios Now, who said: "It's important to remember that Roman sculptures almost always served the purpose of propaganda, like other historical portraits. During this period of the Roman Republic, before Augustus, sculpture was incredibly realistic.

"This not only served the purpose of creating a faithful likeness of a subject but the Romans also thought it showed austerity, dignity, and power."

Adapting Augustus to the modern era, then, proved different to most. According to Royalty Studios Now, most appearances of Augustus in the modern era fashion him with blonde hair. Their adaptation however provided a darker hair colour.

Comments on a video showcasing the before and after effects of the modernised emperor showered the likeness in praise. Many left words praising the "accuracy" of the design.

One wrote: "It seems clear that Augustus WAS quite handsome, and probably not too different in appearance from his many portrayals." Another added: "What a beautiful man Augustus was."

Others swooned over the looks of the modernised emperor, with a third writing: "Augustus was really gorgeous! ( even by todays standards)." Another added: "Quite honestly, he’s very handsome by today’s standards. He reminds me of Daniel Craig , a little. Very awesome job."

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