A hiker reckons they have found proof that the mythical Bigfoot exists, sparking fierce debate online.

A user named Orbgevski on Reddit page r/bigfoot uploaded a snap of what seems to be a massive footprint in mud yesterday (March 6).

They even laid their wallet down next to the outline to provide some sense of its enormity.

They captioned the post "tell me I'm crazy", to which several people obliged.

Explaining the context around the snap in the comments, Orbgevski wrote: "This was near Montreat, North Carolina. I was 4500 ft up a mountain and at least 7 mi from the trailhead.

"I had not seen another hiker the entire time. In person, I could faintly make out individual toe impressions for the big toe and the two adjacent but it was very faint and I thought I might be seeing what I wanted to see.

"I was in bear country but there were no claw marks and at this time of year (3 weeks ago) most bears will be hibernating. I did not see any other sign of bear during my hike.

"There were no other prints. I spent a decent amount of time looking around the immediate area for anything else out of place and saw nothing. This does not look like a shoe print to my eye. Lmk [let me know] what you think."

Some people in the forum – which claims to be "home of all things Bigfoot" – agreed that the print was suspicious.

One said: "You’re right, there should be long claws and there aren’t for a bear. It looks like there’s a big toe."

"Hard to tell what it is but from your description of where you are it’s very interesting for sure," added a second.

"I don’t think you are crazy," said a third.

However others weren't as convinced.

One said bluntly: "It's two boot prints slipping in the mud. You're crazy."

A second said: "Looks like somebody that drags the heels of their boots and stepped in the same track on the way back down. Sorry about that but I still believe they're out there."

"Bigfoot's wallet???? look inside for the photo of his wife, is it blurry," joked someone else.

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