A woman heading out to enjoy the swimming pool in her garden was shocked to find an 11-foot alligator bathing in it.

Lynn Tosi, from Florida, US, headed outside with her dog on Wednesday morning to find the huge reptile laying at the bottom of her pool.

The alligator had torn its way through a mesh enclosure to reach Lynn’s swimming pool, which she had intended to swim in that morning.

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Lynn told ClickOrlando: “It was definitely an unexpected surprise.

“[The alligator] busted right through there, kind of like the Kool-Aid man.

“I have no idea how long he was here before I noticed him in the morning.”

Alligators are common to Florida so Lynn and her husband were able to call officials from the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission who were able to remove the alligator from the private pool and transfer it elsewhere.

However, the decision was eventually made to euthanise the mega-reptile following a string of alligators breaching public areas and threatening safety.

March marks the beginning of mating season which often results in a rise of alligator aggression.

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The season has already seen a man attacked by an alligator in Daytona Beach, while another alligator was shot by a dog owner after it bit down on the dog’s head.

Although the alligator that visited Lynn was large, some species can grow up to 14ft long and way up to 55 stone.

Female alligators also lay between 30 to 70 eggs during mating season, which is why the alligator population of Florida is so large.

Although they are natural predators, some people do choose to keep the reptiles as pets.

For example, a woman in Texas was recently discovered to have raised an 8ft alligator for more than 20 years after stealing an egg from a zoo.

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