Man spooked after watching CCTV to find black shadow appearing in living room

A homeowner was left puzzled when he found a black shadow "cartwheeling" into a home security camera.

Reddit user "nelle" shared the short CCTV clip yesterday and asked for a possible reason for the unexplained scene.

He wrote: "Can someone explain what this could be? My security camera picked it up while we were away."

The motion-detected security camera is installed in the living room area and it starts recording when a black object flips its way into the camera view.

The shadow stays very close to the camera for a few seconds before moving away abruptly.

Despite the low resolution of the object, the man was so worried he feared going to sleep at night.

One viewer said: "Looks like a kid ghost cartwheeling into frame and looking into the lens before f***ing off. Sell the house or burn it."

Another wrote: "It's really scary! It is a black shadow man. If I were in your place, I would investigate more thoroughly! Good luck!"

But others seem to have solved the mystery as they suggested it looked like a fly.

"Housefly," one commented. "Happened in my house too."

A second added: "It’s a fly landing directly on the lens with its back end facing upwards. Pausing for a bit, then flying off."

A third said: "That's straight up a fly or a bee."

"Nelle" re-watched the clip and was convinced that it was not anything sinister.

He replied: "Thank you. That sounds reasonable. I might just go with the fly version so I could sleep at night."

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