A farmer was spooked when a cow gave birth to a mutant calf with two conjoined heads.

Villager Vasko Popovski, who works for a company Natali 2005 in the village of Kravari near the city of Bitola in North Macedonia, said the mutant newborn has four eyes, two noses, two mouths but one brain.

He described how the calf's two skulls had "fused together".

Animals born with deformities normally have a short lifespan and will die days after birth.

But Vasko's two-headed calf survived and seemed to be growing with strong vital signs since it was born over a week ago on April 16.

Mobile phone footage taken by Vasko shows the black and white baby cow standing on its four legs and taking tiny steps in the barn.

A worker is seen giving milk to the cow through a tube and both heads seem to react to it.

Sasho Gjorgjievski from the Veterinary Clinic Filipov, who delivered the calf, said that the calf's vital signs and organs are "functioning well".

However, the experienced vet added: "Most animals born with such anomalies rarely live very long.

"As it grows, its needs will change and the question will be whether it can survive. However, nothing is known yet and we hope it will live longer."

Gjorgjievski said: "It is surprising that the calf started to behave like any other, for example drinking milk and instantly recognising food.
"It works with one brain and both mouths lead to the same oesophagus.

"When it drinks milk with one mouth, the other mouth carries out the same movements. The commands for its functioning come from the same nerve centre."

Gjorgjievski added: "Veterinary Clinic Filipov has been operating in Kravari since 2003 and works with farm animals and home pets."

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