Mysterious sea creature with razor-sharp teeth and big tongue baffles beachgoers

A mysterious sea creature with razor-sharp teeth and a huge tongue has baffled dogwalkers who discovered it washed up on a beach.

Angela Mynard and her husband Dan stumbled across the remains of a strange-looking fish whilst out on a dog walk in Exmouth, Devon, on Tuesday.

She later posted the images of the skull to Facebook group Exmouth Community UK, writing: "Can anyone tell me what type of fish this is (was!)? "It has a big tongue and more teeth further back in its head.

"The thought of this rubbing up against my leg while swimming…"

People were quickly debating what they thought the scary-looking skull could be.

DevonLive reports one person said: "Eel I reckon from seeing other posts in the past. Could be wrong though."

Another commented: "Possibly a stone fish .. is it complete or part of it missing??"

A few people thought it might be a monkfish though as one person wrote: "With its huge mouth full of sharp teeth there is no doubt that the monkfish is a predator.

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"Monkfish will take pouting, sand eels, cod, pollock, coalfish, dogfish, all kinds of flatfish and even small rays."

Someone else thought it could be a conger eel after several have been found washed up along Devon beaches earlier in the year.

The local newspaper's stories sparked more theories including calls for British TV angling expert Jeremy Wade to investigate.

Commenter Saint Nick said: "It’s definitely an Angler Fish which can grow up to 70+lbs

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"They are quite common around the South West Coasts but are fairly sluggish and lie on the sea bed waiting for their prey which they lure waiving a filament above their mouth"

One commenter added: "Where is Jeremy Wade when you need him?"

In March, a mysterious and bizarre-looking sea creature that washed up on a popular Australian beach baffled the internet.

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A Sunshine Coast woman came across the terrifying discovery in Noosa on Wednesday and turned to social media to solve the mystery.

"Anyone know what kind of fish this is? I found it washed up on the North Shore this morning," she posted on a local community Facebook page in Queensland.

Viewers were divided over whether the creature could be a flathead or the more poisonous stonefish.

Eyes bulged out of the top of the creature's head, with a mouth full of unusually thin teeth.

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