A mum was left stunned when spotted the 'face of Adolf Hitler' starting at her out of a lit fireplace, while she was relaxing.

Hayleigh Williams was settling down for the night, having put her children to bed, and decided to take a quick snap of her telly and log burner to share on Facebook.

After posting the pic an eagle-eyed cousin pointed out that there appeared to be the face of the infamous Nazi dictator in the flames.

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The 34-year-old did a double take of her photo and saw what looked like the villainous visage peeping back at her.

The mum-of-three was stunned when she spotted a clearly-defined head, eyes, nose, chin – and even a moustache.

Since sharing the snap on social media on Wednesday (October, 5) without referencing the murderous dictator, others commented about the uncanny likeness too.

After the warmonger's mug appeared in her fireplace, the trainee accountant says she'll be keeping an eye out for other famous faces in the flames.

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Hayleigh, from Bridgend, South Wales, said: "When I looked at the picture I saw a face, eyes, nose, mouth and a very prominent chin.

"It actually looks like there's a moustache on there and everything and, it has no reason why it would be there based on the layout of the log, it's really weird.

"Straight away I said 'it looks like Hitler', I was really surprised by it."

Hayleigh, who is married to 37-year-old HGV mechanic David Williams, said: "I took a picture to share on Facebook just one of those 'I'm just finally chilling' moments.

"It was my cousin that commented and said ' there's a face in the picture' I looked and I was like 'oh my God there actually is'," she said.

The couple have since moved home, for reasons unrelated to the fiery discovery, but plan to have a log burner fitted in the next few weeks.

Hayleigh added: "I'll be keeping an eye on the flames, I'll always be watching to see what's going on in there."

Since sharing the spooky snap on social media on Wednesday, Hayleigh's post has racked up more than 100 likes and comments, with many saying they could see the same creepy face.


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