Test your IQ with this square optical illusion leaving many baffled

The illusion features what appears to be a maze of vertical and horizontal lines. However, within this straight drawing lies eight circles.

The illusion, posted on Reddit, drew a variety of responses from confused and astonished users. One wrote: “I almost gave up and then finally saw them.” Another said: “I have to blur my eyes to see the circles.”

For others, the illusion prompted a unique response. One user said: “What kinda of magic is this. OMG [sic].” Another said: “Wow, pretty cool. I never get these, but today I did.”


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Others were more critical. A response to the post commented: “Spoiler! Look in-between the squares that’s where the circles are. It took me a while then they somehow appeared.”

Another said: “It’s a little bit of a power trip when you can switch between two perceptions of an optical illusion at will.”

While they can be a fun way to challenge the mind, in the past optical illusions were used not just to entertain lives, but to potentially save them as well; particularly during WW1.

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