A towering Turkish woman who stands at more than seven feet tall has set a new world record as the tallest female alive.

Rumeysa Gelgi, 24, from Karabük Province, stands at a whopping 7 feet 0.7 inches, earning her a new entry in the Guinness Book of Records as the 'tallest living woman'.

She has an exceptionally rare genetic condition named Weaver syndrome, which has accelerated her growth.

This isn't the first time she has found her name in the famous record book, either.

She was crowned 'tallest teenager alive' in 2014 and has used the fame this gave her to bring public attention to the lives of other people with rare conditions.

Because of some of the mobility issues created by her condition, Ms Gelgi primarily uses a wheelchair, but can also move around with the assistance of a walking frame.

Her Weaver syndrome also means she has certain features that are larger in proportion than usual, such as her hands.

This, along with her impressive stature, has meant that she has been the victim of teasing and abuse from members of the public in the past, but she says that this has only made her stronger:

"Every disadvantage can be turned into an advantage for yourself so accept yourself for who you are, be aware of your potential and do your best".

"I like being different from everyone else," she added. "It's interesting and makes me feel special."

She also said that there are some advantages to being such a tall woman, including easy access to high places.

Celebrating her re-entry into their catalogue of world-beaters, Guinness World Records praised her character, and suggested she could be a role model to others:

Editor-in-chief Craig Glenday said: "Her indomitable spirit and pride at standing out from the crowd is an inspiration".

"The category of tallest living woman is not one that changes hands very often, so I'm excited to share this news with the world."

Weaver Syndrome is characterised by increased muscle tone, wide-set eyes, a broad forehead, deformed feet, and unusually large ears. Only 50 cases have ever been recorded in medical literature.

The tallest man in the world is also Turkish. He stood at a towering 8 foot 2.8 inches when measured for the record in 2018.

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