TalkRADIO: NHS worker shares his reaction to new COVID jab rules

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It comes as Covid cases, hospitalisations and deaths have surged over recent weeks. Now alarm bells are ringing after experts have predicted that we could see over half a million deaths by February 1 next year. Speaking at a press conference, Dr Hans Kluge, WHO Regional Director for Europe, said: “Today every single country in Europe and Central Asia is facing a real threat of COVID-19 resurgence or already fighting it.

“Hospitalisation admission rates due to COVID-19 more than doubled in one week based on WHO Europe’s latest data.

“According to one reliable projection, if we stay on this trajectory we could see another half a million deaths in Europe and Central Asia by February 1 next year. “

The health chief warned that this will put hospitals across the world under even further pressure.

He said: “And 43 countries in our region will face high to extreme stress of hospital beds at some point through the same period.”

Dr Kluge also warned that the low vaccination rates across Europe and Central Asia are a cause for concern as cases spike.

He said: “Countries of Europe and Central Asia are, however, at various stages of vaccination rollout.

“On average, only 47 percent of people have completed a full vaccination series.

“While eight countries have now exceeded over 70 percent coverage, in two, the rate remains below 10 percent.”

Dr Kluge warned that there is a direct correlation between low vaccination rates and the number of hospitalisation cases.

He said: “Where vaccine uptake is low, in many countries in the Baltics, Central and Eastern Europe, hospitalisation rates are high.”

The health chief urged authorities to provide additional vaccine doses to people with weakened immune systems.

He said: “Authorities are encouraged to offer an additional dose to moderately and severely immunocompromised people one to three months after they complete the primary vaccination series.”

Dr Kluge also asked Governments to consider offering an additional dose of the vaccination to people aged over 60.

This warning also comes after researchers from the University of Oxford conducted a study that showed that the pandemic has led to the loss of 28 million years of life globally.

But that figure is also likely to be underestimated, as it only took into account 37 countries.

They worked out this number by analysing excess deaths in each nation, the ages of those who died, and each country’s average life expectancy.

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The researchers discovered that more than 28 million years of life had been lost across 31 of the countries they analysed.

But six countries, including New Zealand, Denmark and South Korea, did not see an increase in loss of years of life as a result of the pandemic.

Over 275,000 people have tested positive for coronavirus in the UK over the last seven days.

As of November 4, there were more than 37,000 daily cases.

Over the last seven days, there have also been more than 1000 deaths of people who had a positive test within 28 days.

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