This week's temperatures will be a waiting game as weather forecasts are stumped between an end-of-summer heatwave or a rainy end to August.

According to Jim Dale, meteorologist for British Weather Services, a battle between the differing weather conditions is set to take hold ahead of the bank holiday.

He said: “There is the potential for high pressure to come in from the Azores and settle over the UK.

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“This would bring higher temperatures in time for the weekend, particularly for southern Britain, with a more unsettled picture further north.

“However, the jet stream looks like it may invigorate and push this high pressure away.

“So, we are expecting a battle between these two features to decide on the outcome for the bank holiday."

While the Azores High – a high pressure system – was the propeller of July's scorching heatwave, according to forecasts looks like it could play a part in high temperatures as we reach the end of August.

Mr Dale added: "At the moment, I favour high pressure winning, but if it does, it is more likely to become established across southern Britain.

"It is a case of waiting a bit longer to see how far the high pressure can push in, and how much of an influence the jet stream allows low pressure to push it out. We will have to wait and see."

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According to the Met Office, thermometers on Wednesday could rise into the low-30Cs in some regions of the area as Met Office meteorologist Alex Deakin further preached about the uncertainty of the upcoming weather.

He said: "It’s complicated this week and there is more uncertainty than usual. If you have plans this week then please do keep up to date as the day-to-day details will vary.

"There is the potential for some thunderstorms with that humid air in place and there could be some torrential downpours.

"It looks as though high pressure will be moving in as we go towards the weekend bringing a lot of dry weather for the bank holiday weekend."


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