Breast-feeding baby died ‘after his father gave his mother rat poison, killing her the three-month-old child’ Brazil cops claim

  • Luiz Edivaldo de Souza, 35, is charged with killing his wife and baby son
  • He allegedly put rat poison in her food after she asked for a separation
  • Josiele Lopes then breast-fed her baby son, unwittingly passing on the poison 
  • De Souza drove them to the woods and buried the bodies of mother and baby 
  • Court rules he will face trial by jury in his hometown of Itapema, Brazil 

Lopes was breast-feeding at the time, and it is believed the poison also killed the baby by contaminating her milk. 

Luiz Edivaldo de Souza (left) allegedly killed his wife and baby son (right and centre) by putting rat poison in her food

Josiele Lopes (above) ate the food laced with rat poison before breast-feeding her baby son, unwittingly passing on the poison

De Souza was charged with homicide in October and a court ruled this week that he will face a trial by jury in his hometown of Itapema.

The police believe he committed the crime because his wife had asked for a separation.     

Lopes and her baby went missing on September 15 last year. Police discovered their bodies a week later on September 23.

During that time, De Souza, then 34, sent messages to his wife’s relatives posing as her, before blocking their contacts.

Lopes’s eldest son, aged 17, filed a police report, which triggered an investigation. 

The bodies of Lopes and her baby (above) were found by police after De Souza allegedly buried them in the woods

Lopes, 36, (above) is believed to have asked her husband for a separation before he put rat poison in her food

De Souza will stand trial for homicide in his home town of Itapema, Brazil, after allegedly poisoning his wife (above)

They concluded that De Souza had spiked his wife’s food with rat poison and that, after eating, she breastfed her baby son with her contaminated breastmilk.

Lopes then began to feel ill and asked her husband to take her to hospital.

Instead he drove them to a wooded area in Rio dos Cedros, some 73 miles from their home in Itapema. By the time they arrived, both Lopes and the baby were dead, and  De Souza then buried the bodies. 

De Souza’s legal team has until the end of next week to appeal the court’s decision for a jury trial.

If the decision is not appealed, the court will set a date for the trial, where the defendant will respond to charges of homicide, concealment of the corpse and procedural fraud.

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