A NEIGHBOR of the Laundrie family is feeling the heat as he took a swing at one of the protesters using a megaphone outside of Brian Laundrie's family home.

John Riches, whom The Sun had exclusively interviewed regarding his Gabby Petito-chanting outside the Laundrie home, was seen on tape dodging a swing from a neighbor yelling at Riches to leave the street.

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The neighbor is seen on video yelling inaudibly at Riches on the street while Riches and a woman accompanying him are standing several feet away and attempting to record the interaction.

"Where's your property?" Riches asks the neighbor, who is now well within a foot of Riches' face.

"Don't worry about it," the neighbor responds. As Riches pulls out his phone, the neighbor swings with an open hand at Riches, who starts to walk away.

The woman accompanying Riches yells "hey" and the neighbor responds with an expletive, "F–k you too. Get off my property."

As Riches and the woman walk away, the neighbor yells "Imma tell you motherf—-r," before Riches cuts him off and say "you're getting arrested pal."

"You can sit here all you want with your megaphone I don't care," the neighbor yells, "but if you go on my property I'm gonna f—–g beat your ass."

"I didn't go on your property," Riches responds. "You're going to prison buddy, you're going to prison. Calling 911 you're going to prison," he continued.

The neighbor then pulls out his phone and says "call 911" while presumably showing Riches a photo and asking rhetorically "that's not you on my property right there?"

He then fakes a punch, causing both Riches and the woman to flinch backward and yells "Imma kill you."

As the neighbor and Riches continue to go back and forth regarding whether or the police will bring one or the other to jail, the neighbor continues yelling for Riches to stay off his property.

Riches responds, saying the neighbor better not be a friend of the Laundries given his behavior, and that he was caught on tape "assaulting me."

Tensions have been at an all-time high as protesters continue to stand outside the Laundrie family home just days after police entered the residence to collect DNA samples.

"I take this very personally, I could feel their pain," Riches told The Sun earlier Wednesday. "Gabby's family is suffering, this needs to stop."

Riches said he's a family friend of Petito, knowing her cousin and her dad's side of the family. "They can't sleep, eat, they have police outside their home making sure they're safe, so I took it personally."

The Tampa native explained he and other protesters have been outside the Laundries' home since Monday, using bullhorns to chant at all hours and showing them photos of Petito.

"We remind the parents that the spotlight is on them," he said. "They need to come forward, cooperate with authorities and let them know what they know."

Earlier in the day, Riches said he and several protesters were at the residence on Monday when police came to pick up DNA samples at Laundrie's home.

"We feel we set the ball in motion because if we weren't here screaming, maybe the parents wouldn't have called the cops to report him missing and it would have allowed Brian to escape longer," Riches said.

"If they're so concerned about Brian how come they're not coming out and giving a public statement telling Brian to turn himself in? They're just hiding."

He, unfortunately too soon, added that people were stopping by and offering food and water and a thumb's up for their efforts, saying some neighbors have offered a place for the restroom and others had pizza delivered.

"I think the majority of the neighbors have no problem with us here, they want this to end, they want Brian found and justice for the family," Riches added. "No neighbor has given us any trouble and we're out here with bullhorns."

"We're gonna do this as long as he remains missing, hoping this puts pressure on the family to come forward," Riches ended. "We're speaking on behalf of millions who can't be here."

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