Chilling crimes of German serial killer dubbed 'Blonde Beast’ who buried bodies under garage as he’s seen in rare pics

BENEATH his well-groomed exterior Kurt-Werner Wichmann was a sadistic serial killer and rapist whose crimes shocked Germany.

Chilling new photographs have now emerged of the depraved murderer known as the Blonde Beast that reveal the face of evil in his every day life.

Wichmann was responsible for at least five murders but killed himself in prison aged 43 in 1993 before he could be brought to justice.

The German has been connected to 24 other murders and many of his alleged victims were hitchhikers.

As Netflix’s ‘Dig Deeper’ revealed, Wichmann had been disturbed for much of his life.

As a child he was known for his cruelty to animals and former friends recalled that he stomped frogs to death and shot birds.

His sick crimes began age 21 when he raped a 17-year-old hitchhiker for which he jailed for five and a half years.

The first murder he committed was that of Birgit Meier, whose body was eventually found under his garage.

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Police initially though the 40-year-old had taken her own life or been killed by her husband until they started investigating Kurt-Werner Wichmann.

She and Wichmann, who worked as a gardener, had met a birthday party weeks before her disappearance, but he was never properly questioned.

It wasn't until 1993 that he became a suspect when police searched his house to find an array of weapons, sedatives and a torture room behind a secret door but didn’t find a body.

Within a year of Meier’s disappearance, Wichmann killed two couples in the Lüneburg area.

The 1989 double murders of Ursula and Peter Reinold were followed by the killings of Ingrid Warmbier and Bernd-Michael Köpping in the Göhrde State Forest became known as the ‘Göhrde’ murders’.

Just a few months after the warrant on his property was executed, Wichmann was arrested following a car crash


Investigators found machine guns in his possession at the crash site.

Days later, he hung himself in his jail cell and in his suicide note asked his wife to keep his property within the family.

It was only through the persistence of Birgit’s policeman brother, Wolfgang Sielaff, that the mystery of her disappearance was solved.

The case was shelved for almost ten years until detective Mr Sielaff retired in 2002 and decided to review the files.

He persuaded the new owners of Wichmann’s home to allow excavations in their garden but nothing was found.

Former friends of Wichmann told how he used to torture and kill animals and bury them in the woods nearby, so 100 officers searched the most likely area of forestland but to no avail.


But he finally got the breakthrough he had pursued when the new owners of Wichmann’s home were renovating their garage.

They discovered a mechanic’s car pit under an old car that had been stored there for years.

The pit was too shallow to be of much use, so they called in Mr Sielaff who realised that this was probably what he had been looking for.

In 2017 site was excavated and human remains were found underneath the concrete.

Officials believe that Wichmann shot her but note that he may have had an accomplice in his crimes.

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